Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bowling for Dollars

Did y'all have that show where you grew up? When I was a kid, Vern Lundquist hosted Bowling for Dollars on I believe channel 8. When you get 6 channels and there is no such thing as cable, you watch what you have to. Don't judge. We didn't bowl for dollars, we bowled for free. Whoo wee!! I love free. It was posted on our homeschool chatboard the other day and I figured why the heck not.

 A bonus to where the free bowling was, hubby got to come have lunch with us. The bowling alley was only about 15 minutes from where he was working. Loved that for sure.
 The boy

 The baby
The big girl

A homeschool dad works at the bowling alley and set up a day and time for homeschoolers to come bowl three games for free, shoes included, adults and children. The only thing we paid for was lunch. We had a great time. Besides the family that set it up and us, there were only three other families that participated. They happened to be our friends so that was cool.

And, the bowling alley was only 30 seconds from where my inlaws live. Hubby and his brothers used to walk there all the time when they were growing up. We left a little early and I took the kids over to see their grandparents for a little while. We had a very pleasant visit. Shocking, I know. It was a great day with old friends and new. It was a great day to have lunch with hubby. It was a great day. Now, you...

Have a great day.


Big Sis said...

Those kids are getting awfully big. Can you please tell them to stop it until you guys move out here? Looks like a great day!! Can't wait to spend a few with you.

Mermie said...

they are so grown up looking! I just hate that I've missed so much of that. Ya'll have got to hurry and get moved (no pressure). They look so wonderful. Love..............