Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect, Part 3, With Pics!

We've made it to the 6 o'clock show! When I say there was a LOT packed into each show, I mean there was A LOT packed into each show. This is the God and Country show. I'm not going to go through the gospel part of the show since you've seen that already. This is the patriotic part of the show. I am a sucker for patriotic songs and there were some good ones. And in this one, you get to fly a plane!


Part of dress rehearsal is finding the right costumes for everyone and making sure there is a continuity to them. Loved the dress that BH has on in the top photo, but to find something similar that would fit the baby was almost impossible.

And, success!!

Love the way this turned out. This is We Are America, which opened the patriotic portion of the show.

This starts Step In Time. This is a salute to the different branches of the armed forces and the men and women who served in those branches. There's a long history of Air Force in my family and hubby's. Really, though, my favorite part of this is the flying of the plane while they sing the Air Force anthem.

Up we go, into the wild blue yonder...
JB was telling a story of how it's fun to watch the audience lean with them while this part of the song is happening. That was all it took for me. I couldn't help it. Every time they sang this song I had to fly with them. Except once. Well, kinda. I just didn't lean as much. It was fun and silly and I am all about that!

Grand Old Flag was next. This is where the kids came out and tapped during the music break. They got to choreograph the tap portion and I think they did a fantastic job. So proud of them and all their hard work!

These should have been swapped, but whatever. This is the end of Grand Old Flag. After this, the group sang our National Anthem. I always tear up at the National Anthem.
It was nice to see some of our veterans from the different services and be able to thank them. I also liked that God and country was together. I feel like God is being taken out of our country so it meant something special to me. It became one of the most well attended shows we did. And for good reason.
Have a great day.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect, Part 2, With Pics!

The group had 3 shows a day, each day, while we were at Knoebel's. The 1:30 was a dance party show, the 6 was God and Country, and the 8:30 was called "Musical Melodies", which was an excerpts from Broadway show. That means lots of rehearsing, lots of costumes, and lots of pics. Have a seat and get comfy. I'll walk you through this set.


Ok, so these aren't dress rehearsal pics, but I came across them and liked them so you get to see them. These are from the rehearsal for the 1:30 show. The opener was Best Day of My Life, then various medley's from different genres of music including rock, disco, and country. It ended with a dance party where the audience was encouraged to come up in front of the stage and dance with New Dawn. They did fun songs like Time Warp, Hokey Pokey, Cha Cha Slide, and YMCA.

These are from Best Day of My Life.


Wasted Time. This was sung by JK and PH. I miss them. I think about them when I hear this song...

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone...
There goes my baby...with someone new...we were so happy...


Head Over Boots

Dibs. I know 2 things about this song: 1. CC rocked it. 2. PH and JK would peek out from behind the curtain and say "Hey!" with the song and it became part of the show. Crazy people...

Humble and Kind. That is a good song, y'all. This one was set with different scenes on the stage and showed different ways to be humble and kind.

Shut Up and Fish. CC and AR dueted this one. Is "dueted" a word? It is now, 'cause that's what they did. This one was good, too.
These are from the disco party. ABBA's Dancing Queen. Disco will never die!!
I am one of those people that like to watch the show come together from beginning to end. I like to see it from the "Nobody knows what they're doing! This is going to be a disaster!" stage to the finished "That was the best show I have ever seen!" stage. Thankfully, we skipped that first stage by several notches and we totally ended up at that last stage!
I know there were more pictures, but my computer and blogger are being stubborn. I think they had a fight. They can get over it because I have more pics and a short video to post. As soon as I can get my computer and blogger to kiss and make up, I'll get everything posted.
Have a great day.

Practice Makes Perfect, Part 1, With Pics!

For anyone that has ever taken dance or voice or theater or band or any combination of those, the phrase "One more time" actually means "800 more times in the next 5 minutes". This time, though, I was there with my camera. Ready? One more time...

A Musical from Something Rotten

OK, I'm using this pic for 2 reasons. The 1st, it's a great pic of the big girl. The 2d, it's 1 of 3 that is not flattering of JB. I don't mean that in a vicious way because I love JB like he's family. But you have to understand, of the over 1000 pics I have and the 10,000 that our friend DC took, there are 3, count them 3, that he is not photogenic in. 3 out of over 10,000!! I did warn him, though, that I was posting this one and even showed it to him before hand. Just, ugh, JB. Just, ugh!

Welcome to the Renaissance from Something Rotten
The next few blogs are going to be from dress rehearsal. I have almost 100 pics to post, so I have to break them up. You know what they say: one more time!
Have a great day.