Saturday, July 11, 2015

She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain

One thing that Big Sis and I wanted to do was ride the Alpine Coaster in Pigeon Forge. Ever seen it? It's a single or double rider car that you control. You control the speed while riding down a track built into the side of a mountain. If I control the brake, I can handle it. Or at least I thought I could. My issue is that my dad's driving makes me incredibly car sick. Guess who drove? I was so sick when we got there, the thought of going down the mountain on a curving, turning, twisting track was NOT making me feel any better. Big Sis, on the other hand, doesn't have that issue. Lucky ducky...

We passed the place we wanted to go to. We stopped at a place called "Goats on the Roof". Want to know why? Keep scrolling. You'll see. But you'll miss the pics of the track. You go up, up, up the side of the mountain, and then you come down. See the curve right above the ticket booth? That's the big loop. Thank goodness you don't go upside down!

This is Big Sis coming around one bend and heading for another. She wanted to go full out, but the lady in front of her kept applying the brakes. Like I would have. Which is why Big Sis goes first.

And here she is, coming around the mountain. She wasn't driving six white horses, but I went out to greet her. See what I did, there?

 For some reason, this pic is out of order. This is Big Sis getting strapped in and heading up. She was so excited. I was so sick...

They call it "Goats on the Roof" because, well, there are goats on the roof. They were so stinking cute!!

I really wanted to bring this one home with me. Such a sweet baby! You can buy goat chow and feed them, but this one just likes to hang out with people.

And, of course, you can buy buckets of dirt to pan through. You are guaranteed real gems in every bucket. For $10 a bucket, I better be. Hubby wanted the stack since he likes to pan for gold and gems. Not happening.

This is Big Sis getting ready to board the cart on the actual coaster we were looking for. We passed it and back tracked after the first ride. This time she got to ride full out for the whole ride.

And there she goes. I almost couldn't watch. But I did, because I'm a good sister like that.

And she's still smiling! She said she liked this one better and I'm inclined to believe her. I did it again! I'm full of puns today!

This was the souvenir pic that you can buy. It's taken on the way up. I love the smile! She was loving it already.

Apparently there's another one in Gatlinburg that comes out over the road and juts out over the river. I'm not sure that would be the one for me. If you're ever in that area, give these coasters a try. I'm pretty sure you won't regret it. Unless the lady in front of you keeps putting on her brakes. Just don't get on after me. It'll be a slow descent...

Have a great day.


So, I took a little vacation. Without the kids. Without the hubby. But with Dad and Big Sis! We met in Tennessee, where Dad lives, and drove to Myrtle Beach. I love Myrtle Beach. We drove back to Dad's and spent a few days together, then it was time for home. I missed my kids. I missed hubby. Here are some pics for your perusal...

This was part of dinner when we got to my dad's. He and my step mom took us to eat sushi. It was lovely. I didn't know Big Sis was squeamish about sushi. "Just answer the question and don't add any information." Ok. I am horrible at that...Good food, though.

This is the view from the hotel balcony. We were in south North Myrtle Beach. Yeah, I know. Makes my head hurt, too. We were the first hotel (or the last depending on which way you're coming from) and our beach wasn't terribly crowded.

See that pier? On it sits a great restaurant called Pier 14. Great food. Great service. And within a short 2-3 minute walk from the hotel. After our 6 hour drive took almost 9 hours because of construction on EVERY INTERSTATE WE WERE ON, it was nice to have something that close.

Then there's this beauty. I say beauty because it was pretty from far away. And from up close. But I have no idea, nor will I ever know, what it looks like when you're on it. I soooo do not roll that way.

Yeah, I wasn't riding this one, either. You sit in a cart at the end of the glowy sticks and the cart rotates around and around while the glowy stick goes around and around. And it's fun to watch it. I took these from the walkway right outside our room. Every now and then we could hear it or a random scream, but it wasn't bad at all. Most of the time I blocked it out. I was too traumatized from thinking about riding it. Big Sis suggested liquid courage. Um, no, that would make it way worse!

Ok, see that building in front of the ferris wheel? That is the other half of our hotel. It's across a narrow driveway from our building. Seems like you could reach out and touch it. Which I would do as long as I don't have to ride it.

Found some shopping at a place called Boardwalk at the Beach. It's not actually AT the beach, but it's close enough. Definitely drive, though. That's Dad and Big Sis. I like the cut out boards. They're fun.

You have to love a t-shirt shop that has this many Dr. Who shirts. I sent this pic to the big girl. She wanted all of them, and I don't blame her.

For all of you who were wondering where stupid comes from, there you go. We found it. It's in South Carolina. Kinda fitting, but I think I just got political...

Dad wanted to find a restaurant called Calabash. It is a seafood buffet and it's good. They have AYCE crab legs. So we ate all we could, and not just the crab legs. I sent this pic to hubby. I won't repeat his response, but suffice it to say it translates to "Wish I was there". Very loosely translated, but that's the way I took it.

The restaurant has a photographer that suckers you in to buying pics by taking a complimentary pic that gets made into a postcard. Dad is a sucker, but that's ok, too, sometimes.

And after eating all we could, we walked down the boardwalk. We walked into shops and browsed and looked at people and stood in line for ice cream. And found The City Harmonic performing. For free. Dad and Big Sis walked on while I got my worship on. The big girl and I really, really like this band. I wish she had been there.

Big props to hubby. That man is amazing. He drove me 600 miles to Dad's then drove home the next day. And came and got me a week later. And drove home. Because he so totally rocks.

I absolutely loved Myrtle Beach. If you decide to go, I know a great hotel, right on the beach and the boardwalk, with easy access to everything.

Have a great day.

Dance, Donuts, and Disney

I know it's been awhile. I'm trying to remedy that. I'll be dumping some pics. You're so lucky! Today's post is brought to you by the letter D...


These are the pointe and ballet costumes from recital. I need to download the rest of the pics. I have to be honest, though. I was so busy back stage, I didn't get a lot of them. The best ones are from a friend that took pics during performances. She got some great shots!

The big girl wanted me to get pics of her pointe shoes at the end of the year, after it was all said and done. Poor beat-up shoes. We go in August to get fitted for a new pair for the upcoming season.

I found some break dance classes for the kids. It's actually just called breaking, but when you say that, people think you're destroying things. The classes are very inexpensive, but it's kind of a drive. You want to talk about fun, though.These are just a couple of shots. They are learning a move called the 6 step in the bottom pic. The kids are also learning how to do a baby freeze. Look it up, but I promise no babies were injured in the learning of that step. I am super impressed with the instructor. And just a little jealous.


This was my birthday cake from last year. Donuts. I can't have sugar or grains, but I would eat every single one of these if they were in front of me right now. I would be miserable later, but totally worth it!

We wandered the resorts at Christmas time. It was something we hadn't ever done before and we are so glad we did! This is the ginger bread house at the grand Floridian. That is an amazing place in and of itself, but dress it up for Christmas and holy cow! See the boy and the baby in the bottom right hand corner of the screen? That should give you the size scale.

We also stopped at the wedding chapel that sits between the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian. GORGEOUS! Then we found this around the back. Hubby and I are blocking it, but Cinderella's castle is right between us. I want all my kids to get married there.

The Christmas tree at the Grand Floridian. It goes almost all the way to the ceiling. The ceiling is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy up there!

Phineas and Ferb need no introduction. We knew what we were doing that day!

A Bill and Ted moment at the Hall of Presidents. My kids are crazy, did you know that? Totally hubby's fault!

Cinderella's carriage from the movie. I sure wish we could have gotten in, but I get it. I don't like it, but I get it.

One of our favorite things is the concert series at Epcot. They do 2 a year. Y'all should be jealous because En Vogue are still gorgeous, still super talented, and still put on an absolutely amazing show!!

That's all I have for now. I may do a school post later. Or I might not. Who knows?

Have a great day.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I like to fly by the seat of my pants. I will plan like crazy so I know exactly how to get from point A to point B. I know, it doesn't sound like flying, but I have to wander a bit before I get to the point. You know that! Now, hush and let me finish! Anyway...once I get it all planned, I rarely follow it. I always say it's about the adventure of getting there, not the actual arriving that makes a journey so much fun. Well, then our school year has been quite the adventure.

  • We ditched geometry and literature for the big girl. Sometimes you just have to. So we did. Easy Peasy, also known as All in One Homeschool, has been a great go to for geometry. The program is computer based and the site for the math offers free tutoring. Since the program itself is free as well, um, ok. She has flourished and that makes me happy! She went from BJU American Literature to using  Progeny Press study guide for Red Badge of Courage. It also fits right in with American history since we're right at the Civil War. That has been a much better fit for her as well. She's used several of the study guides over the years and really liked them. They got her interested in some different authors and different kind of books. Win!
  • I changed the baby's history right as we were getting ready to start school. There was too much involved with the 1st one. Her brother and sister were going to study American history and it didn't make sense to have her do world history. I had a couple of resources but figured out pretty early that they weren't going to make it to the end of the school year. She would have shot ahead of her brother and sister and not really been able to study anything specifically. So, let's piece something together. I am so grateful for all of the freebies that I have downloaded all these years! I have at least 3 unit studies she can use to supplement and she gets time to actually get details instead of a general overview. Add searching the library for books and her history is keeping me on my toes.
  • We didn't change anything for the boy. That doesn't mean he hasn't had his own set of problems. I was given 95% of the curriculum that he is using this year. I am grateful beyond all there is for that. A Beka, although reasonably priced for what you get, can get expensive if you get all of the bells and whistles. It's just not the right curriculum for him. We both went into this year knowing there would be issues, but we've tried to get around those as best we could. He has done an outstanding job. There is much more leeway in his high school years with all the stuff I have, so hopefully we'll work something out.
  • I'm already planning for next year and watching for used curriculum sales. There is a big one that's about an hour from here. It is so worth the drive! Some people were extremely proud of their stuff. Thank you, I'll buy the one next to it that's $10 cheaper. There is one coming up in a couple of weeks that I'm going to miss and I'm so sad. It's local and I have a bunch to sell. I'll just post it on my social pages. Normally I would buy stuff just to buy it. Not anymore. I have a list and I'm sticking to it!
  • We didn't take as many field trips as I wanted. We missed all of the ones at the zoo. That's my fault. We have, however, spent some great time at Disney. That more than makes up for it!
That's our overview. Sometimes, everything gets checked off for the week. That doesn't mean there wasn't school happening on a Sunday. Because there was definitely school happening on Sunday. After chores. And that is why I always plan in pencil. Because it's all about the adventure! And a big eraser!

Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

In Sickness and in Health...

I know. It's been awhile. We have been slammed busy. I don't really like when we get so busy I can't remember what day it is or where I'm supposed to be. Here's what we have going on:

  • Yup, there has been a lot of yuckiness around here. The big girl and the boy had it 3 times! I tell everybody I can't be mad at them. At least they're sharing! I did tell the kids after round 2, though, that if they got it again, I was dropping them at the animal shelter. Every time they got it, it was just a little different than the time before. I found that one of the best things for a cough is a spoonful or coconut oil followed by a spoonful of raw, local honey. It took about 15 minutes to work, but at least the big girl was finally able to sleep. We missed roughly 3 weeks of school and each of the kids missed at least 2 weeks of dance. Everybody is fine now except for the runny noses. So. Much. Snot...
  • School is way behind due to bullet point number 1. There won't be much of a spring break around here. We'll take a few days because the big girl is spending time with a friend and I'm hoping to have my niece and nephew for a couple of days. We'll see how it goes.
  • We have a new to us vehicle! It was time. We had finally found parts for the van that were available and not expensive. But once we took care of the little stuff that seemed like a big deal, we ran into some things that were big stuff that was a big deal. Stuff that would take hours to fix or a professional. We traded her for a 2006 Jeep. Gorgeous vehicle! She's silver and chromed out and did I say gorgeous? It's MUCH smaller than the van on the inside and we're having a hard time figuring it all out. Sometimes I wish we had gotten the Suburban, but it was way out of our price range. The Jeep had a leaky sunroof (every used vehicle with a sunroof is a flood waiting to happen, and I don't mean outside your vehicle), but hubby fixed it because he totally rocks!
  • Dance rehearsals started back in February. The kids are learning their company recital dance. They've started recital dances in their regular classes as well. So much to learn! We're also involved in some fund raisers. We are raffling Easter baskets, we are starting birthday parties at the studio, and we are having hot dog/bake sales at a local retailer. Add that to the regular schedule and things get crazy around here.
  • Science co-op is getting ready to wind down. It has been an interesting year, that's for sure. I've enjoyed hanging with the younger crowd and not listening when I have to sit in on chemistry. I'm glad the boy and the big girl are both in that class. That means I'll only have to teach it once. Or find a teacher. My friend M has volunteered to teach a speech and debate class next year. We just may do that.
  • I did a quick clean out of the curriculum cabinet. I did take some things out to sell that I know I won't use. There are a couple of local used curriculum sales I may participate in. Get rid of what I can and see if I can trade for what I need. I'm already planning for next year, but you already knew that. My next step is to make a list of what I need to complete a set, and what I want to complete a set. I've made a bunch of copies this year, but at least I have them for later.
  • We're getting new chicks! We need to make them a home for now and a home for later. We figured we put them in with the older ladies since there are only 2 of them left. And that's one reason we're getting new chicks. We're getting chickens that lay green eggs. That's going to be so much fun!
That's about it for now. But, really that's enough since I have to go teach!

Have a great day.