Sunday, May 25, 2014

Biology, One Bite at a Time

Science co-op is over. I had a great time! I hope the kiddos had a great time and learned lots of stuff. I have to say that we started out a little rough. We started with plants. Honestly, I was as bored as the kids, but we got through it! Once we got to animals and human, things picked up.

I am not a research project kind of gal. That is not my style. I do, however, like to eat. The kids had a few projects to do, but they were all of the edible variety. We made edible replicas of plant cells, nests, and, as a final project, the kids could pick any of the pictures of the chapters we had covered and make an edible representation. They all did an amazing job! Here's some pics:

These were the plant cells. I was a very bad teacher and only got this one pic! The good thing is that I got 2 projects in 1 shot. There's the cookie at the bottom of the pic. It's chocolate cookie and candy representing the various parts. At the top of the pic is R's representation using chicken enchiladas! His mom, K, knew that there would be LOTS of sweets (and there was), so she encouraged something else. Yea for K! It was so super yummy!!

These are the birds' nests. I really liked this project. We used pretzel sticks for sticks, crushed shredded wheat for grass, m&m's for stones, string cheese for string, and chips for paper and fabric, and almond butter for mud. Again, a fun project that will hopefully help them remember about nests and their purpose. And the fact that a bite of pretzel, cheese, and m&m is super good together.

And our final projects. You want to talk about a bunch of sweets! And some amazing projects!

This is the integumentary system. Skin to you and me. Chocolate cake...mmmm...

I tried to turn this, but apparently, it didn't work. This is Rice Krispie treats posing as a skull and the various lobes. Great job!!

 This would be DNA. Also known as marshmallows, licorice, and toothpicks. Love it!

Blood vessels! Celery as the vein, peanut butter as plasma, red candies as red blood cells, yellow candies as white blood cells, and banana chips as platelets. I could have eaten them all!!

I'm very proud of the kids. There was much, much conversation, lots of tangents to talk about, and learning, learning, learning! I'm going to miss the class even though I see the kids all the time.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We are in our last official week of school. Glory, glory, hallelujah! The end is almost here. Come April, I have had all the fun I care to have. There is still a couple of weeks of science co-op, and as long as we have that, the kids are going to finish their math. The big girl dragged her feet with her Algebra II, so she has some summer school to do. Here's what's been going on in a random style blog.

  • Science co-op is winding down. It has been a blast teaching biology. I had a great time and I hope the kids learned tons. Biology is one of my favorite subjects. Next year is chemistry for the big girl and the boy. My chemistry background is horrible so I'm glad there's a different teacher for that class. The baby will be with the youngers. They are going to do earth science next year. I'm actually looking forward to that. It helps I only have to teach once every 5-6 weeks. I have no idea what I'll do with the free time. Oh, you know that's not true. There will hopefully be much, much reading going on.
  • There was a used curriculum sale in our little town. I was hoping to find some of what I need for next year, but no such luck. There is a huge sale in a neighboring town. They consistently have over 200 people selling their books. I don't need much, but if I can find it for super cheap, all the better. I already know of 3 things I have to buy new, but those are inexpensive. Hubby is taking the day off to chauffer me and a couple of friends to the sale.  
  • We are about a month away from recital. All of the dances are coming along and several are done. I'm excited to see the costumes. It's one of my favorite times of the year. The company number is almost complete. It is going to be so much fun. The big girl has been helping in a half/half class. The girls are 5-6 years old and the class is a half hour of tap and a half hour of ballet. They go on right after the company number this year. They are too cute!
  • Summer camp and summer dance start shortly after recital. The big girl will start pointe this summer. She is so excited. The big girl and the boy also get their week at camp. I wish I could have gone to camp as a kid. The baby is champing at the bit to go. One more summer and she's in.
  • Summer reading is always in our summer plans. We missed the last 2 summers because of traveling, but the kids like the programs that are being set up. We usually sign up at a couple of different libraries and pick and choose the activities.
Just a few more days and we are free. Mostly. I just want to go to Disney!

Have a great day.