Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scheduling Conflicts

Well, I did it. Why? Because I am a sucker. Because I want my kids to have access to things that I can't teach them. Because I love them and I want to give them everything they want. I don't just so we're clear. That would make them spoiled. That isn't my job. But what are we talking about? Filling up our schedule. Again. Like I said I wouldn't do. If this were my other blog, I would say a dirty word. I sure wish this was my other blog right now.

We are back to dance this year! So happy about that! Between the money and the potential move, we sure missed dancing. This year is a little different though. The baby is taking tap. She is so good. I'm so proud of her. She absolutely loves it. This year I'm taking hip hop. I just could not do another afternoon, but I'll get to that later. I am really liking it. I knew I would. The big girl is back to hip hop this year. And the boy is taking jazz. At first we were three days in town. Not happy about that. And the boy's class is early evening. If he works hard, she'll move him back to his regular class. The big girl got moved out of her class into a different one. That worked because now we have three classes in one day. Great. Just in time to fill it up with something else.

The girls are taking piano. Hubby likes it when the girls are practicing when he gets home. Love to hear the house full of music. I asked the boy if he wanted to play piano. He said no, he wanted to play guitar. OK. That doesn't hurt my feelings either. He starts this week. He is champing at the bit, ready to go. A friend told me that at one time, the boy's guitar instructor also gave banjo lessons. Really?!? I am so checking that out. That may be something you hear me blog about in the future. Can you imagine? The only problem with the piano and guitar lessons is that they're in the morning. Just trying to adjust a little to that. I think I almost have it figured out. You should see my poor lesson plan book. So glad for pencils and really big erasers.

The big girl has a performance with the praise band coming up. They are playing at our youth director's club house in his subdivion. I invited my BIL and his family, but his wife is singing that night as well. Gonna miss a great time, let me tell you what. Let me know if you want to come and I'll give you details. I am so proud of the kids in the band and what great progress they have made. For some reason, I'm having issues getting the video off my iPod, but when I do, I'll post it for you.

Uh oh. I just realized that the big girl sings, dances, and now plays piano. If she plays her cards right, her brother may teach her how to play guitar. Then there's the banjo. Maybe. That's going to take awhile to process. Where are those dirty words when I need them? Oh yeah, next door at the adult blog.

And speaking of my beautiful, talented oldest offspring, she is now the proud owner of a cell phone. It was supposed to be free, but hubby wanted the warranty, just in case. I concur. She does need a case for it. We were a little pressed for time when we got the phone. We'll get one soon. She is a happy, happy girl. I don't know about her mama yet. Don't ask about her papa. He's dealing with it in his own way.

No co-op this year for us, except of the veggie kind. The baby does have a girls' club that she belongs to. My friend M is facilitating. It's almost like Girl Scouts, but not really. They aren't a member and pay dues or anything like that. They don't camp, either. Thank goodness for that! The baby girl loves it. I like that it's right before her dance class. We knock out four activities in one day. Then we just have three more weird days to get through. Technically, I guess every day is weird in our home.

We are back to being busy. A lady at the park said she didn't know how I got through our schedule with as much as we have packed into it. Some days, I don't either. But I do.

Have a great day.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Creating a Monster

While we were in Texas, we got to visit a store that I have always wanted to go into, but was way too scared to venture in. What could that store possibly be? A shoe store, perhaps? No, it's Build A Bear. So much cute stuff in there that we soooo don't need. But, Big Sis had coupons and my nieces' bears needed new clothes. So what did we do? We tagged along and got bears. I knew we shouldn't have tagged along, but we did, and once we were in that store, give it up. Here's the deal. I took pics with Big Sis's iPhone, forgetting I had my iPod with me, so I only have pics of the big girl making her bear.

 The big girl with her foot on the pedal that controls the stuffing. I wish we had a stuffing machine. Feeling heavy, let a little stuffing out. This part was kind of cool. Made me want a bear.

 There's a little routine you have to go through when you get your bear. Hug it, kiss it, rub the heart on your knee, your heart, your hair. The bear will know it's loved, needed, and will always have a great hair day. It was fun to watch all 3 of my kids go through the routine. Made me want a bear.

 LOVE the smile on her face!!! The bear got her heart and was sewed up. Third bear complete and ready for clothes. Can't have naked bears running around. Made me want a bear.

This is the boy picking out a shirt. I told the kids someone had to get the Texas tshirt or all the bears were going back. That's a good boy, right there. So much cute stuff. I should have shopped there for baby clothes. Made me want a bear.

The baby picking out a shirt for her bear. It's a hoody. I don't know why, but that baby really likes hoodies. Whatever floats your boat, baby. Made me want a bear.

The big girl dressing her bear. She went for shiny. Duh. It looks really good on her bear, too. Made me want a bear.

Big Sis helping the baby register her bear and get the birth certificate. The kids loved that part. Kinda cool. Made me want a bear.

 The big girl and the boy registering their bears. We had to carry around their box houses and birth certificates around the mall. When I was packing to come home, the kids made sure we had all of their stuff. And, of course, the girls got free bows to match the shirts before we left the store.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Piper, Sir Stuffsalot, and Victoria, the three cutest bears ever. That's why I didn't go in the store before that day. How stinking cute are they? I could have bought one of every kind given half a chance. I did tell the kids we would make time to get a Build A Bear so we can get pants. Who wants to see a furry, bear butt? It's just not proper. And the boy, because he loves his Papa Bear and was missing him something fierce, said we should get hubby one. That's a good boy right there. Makes me want a bear. I'm naming mine Lady Fluffington.

Have a great day. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

When we planned our trip to Texas, my sister had planned a birthday party for my youngest niece. It was for the weekend after we left. We would miss another one. She asked if I wanted her to move it up a weekend. Yes, please and thank you!!!


 This is the invite. My niece wanted a dolphin themed party. Ok. Big Sis mailed it to my kids at Mermie's house. We were at her house while she was filling them out. I told her we would just take it. She said no. The kids like getting mail. And they did.
 This is her front entry way. She hung these curtain streamer things in colors of the ocean. The kids loved playing in it. And pulling it down.
 I had planned to crop these pictures, but my photo software is all wonky. After I crop a picture, it disappears. I cannot find it anywhere. The point of that was to not pay attention to the mess on the table. She hung the streamer thingies in front of her laundry room to block the view. I never knew such a thing existed. I am enamored with the streamer thingies.
 The woman that normally makes the birthday cakes wasn't able to this time. Big Sis had to drop back and punt.

This is what she came up with. It turned out pretty good. We made a pretty blue frosting that's on the outside of the top layer. Upsets me a little the color is washed out in the picture. On a bright note, there are Mrs. Baird's buns in the background. I am not one for white bread anymore, but that is one fine bread. That's what we ate growing up. We would drive by the plant when they were baking. Flying by the bakery at 65 mph on the interstate, windows up, and the smell would just over take you. That wonderful scent of baking dough would just surround you. Sorry, I got carried away.
The water slide from the infamous frog incident. The kids had a blast. They would go back and forth from the slide to the pool, from the slide to the pool. The kids slept very well that night. So did I.

 The princess. That's really all I have to say. Except, gosh, I miss her! And her sisters, too!! And their mama!!! And their Mermie!!!!
 Give the kids the camera and you never know what you're going to find. The dolphin is from a "toss the ring on the dolphin's nose" game. It came with three or four rings. Apparently, the dolphin was thirsty. You would think it would have gotten a Dr. Pepper.
 You have got to love the self portraits. Really? This one is crazy so look out for her.

 Yeah, he got into the game, too. I am so glad he cut his hair. He's crazier than the girl in the last pic.

 Group pic of the kids that came to the party. Nice turn out. The pool wasn't nearly as crowded as I thought it was going to be. Of course, having the water slide helped.

I got the "Best Present at the Party" award. Big Sis (that's her on the right. Isn't she pretty?) said N wanted a dolphin pillow pet. So that's what she got. She loved it. My kids didn't want to let it go while we walked through the store. I like the dolphin, too. It's soft and cuddly. I might have to get myself one.

We had a great time. We were so excited to be there. I am so thankful Big Sis changed the date. All my pics didn't load or I would show you the tiers of cupcakes. They were so good. I think I had four. I went into a cupcake coma and the rest of the day is a little fuzzy. But I know it was awesome!

Have a great day.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pacing Myself

Goodness knows I wouldn't want to push myself to actually get anything done. I sat down and did lesson plans for the next three weeks. All of our extras will have started and there are a couple of, um, extra extras that I added to the schedule. Those aren't things that we participate in on a regular basis. Those are extra things in case we sit too long and get bored. Wouldn't that be interesting? Our extras fall at weird times this year. With some of them it seems like they cut our day in half. I gotta figure something out with that.

Before we get too much further with our history, we are going to do a 17th century lapbook. That bad boy is huge. It's a big 3 folder lapbook. I have a different one, but it's also a unit study that's over 200 pages. Not sure I could keep the kids attention for that thing. As it is, it'll take us three weeks to finish it. All of our books have been requested from the library and are on their way. Can you hear the boy cheering? Yeah, I can't either. That's one of the reasons I requested a book about the gross and disgusting side of colonial America. I figured it would keep his interest. I'm kind of looking forward to it myself. Then we start expanding westward. The kids have become fascinated by the Donner party. Great.

We still haven't done any of our experiments. I'm actually ok with that. We have watched alot of How It's Made and Discovery channel and Animal Planet. That's just going to have to do it for now. I'll get it worked in. Sometime. See why I plan in pencil? I'm actually looking forward to science. We haven't done many experiments in the past and it's something the kids want to do. I'll get to it, I'll get to it.

Just like I'll get to cleaning my house. Have you seen my bathroom. Ugh! That is on my agenda for today. Yesterday before we started school, we had to clean the house. Not all of it, just the parts that we use everyday, like the living room. Laundry piled as high as it could go. It all got folded and most of it put away. I was going to wipe down the kitchen, but that's today. If I didn't know me, I wouldn't eat anything that came out of my kitchen. Ok, it's not that bad, but it's bad enough. Then we had to run errands. We schooled when we got home. As much as the kids drag their feet in the afternoon, we actually got done in record time. We'll see how today goes.

And because we have so much free time, I'm working on field trips. There are a couple of interesting local museums. Don't go to the antique car museum, though. Kids aren't allowed. They might touch the cars. Really? I marked that one off the list. I think that's just crazy. Apparently, they don't want anyone coming in that is under 60. You have to love field trips, though. Get me out of the house and away from the books.

I am re-evaluating the big girl's math. I'm not sure it's everything she needs. I'm not sure that there's enough practice involved. That is something you won't hear from me often. I am the "show me you mastered it in 10 problems, we'll skip the rest" kind of gal. But after her quiz yesterday, I'm having doubts. Not about her. I'll give it a couple more weeks, then make a decision. She's done well with this curriculum in the past, but this is kind of a crucial year. I don't want her to start geometry next year and have no clue. I looked at an algebra book at the book store the other day that I may use instead. This is the part I don't like, the second guessing. Currently, her math is on computer, but it would be easier to take it with us if it were a book and not on my laptop. It looks like I've already made my decision. I'll take her to the bookstore so we can peruse. If I'm buying new math, I want to make sure this one fits her style and she can learn from it.

I have bored you enough with the glories of homeschooling and messy houses. Guess I better get started on both of those things. Oh wait, I'm pacing myself.

Have a great day.