Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I have a plan. Well, for now. I am a planner. I like to know where we're going and how to get there. From there, I fly by the seat of my pants. It's about the journey, what can I say? So here are some plans.

  • We have all of our curriculum for next year. I've sorted through my curriculum cabinet and taken out everything that I am absolutely not using. I put all of our stuff in that we'll be using now and later. I've made a list of the things I will need to complete sets. I've boxed all the stuff I'm getting rid of. Now I just need to get it posted and sell it. That would clear a spot in my living room I'd like to have back. With Mabel in the living room, there isn't much open space.
  • I am thinking of starting a biology co-op for next year. Biology is my favorite science. I haven't decided when, but I may hold the class at our church. The only thing that may get in the way is the storage of our dissecting specimens. I think it would help the big girl to have someone else to study with and I have friends that are terrified of higher level science. I even have a couple of biology projects planned. Eek!!
  • I have thought about some co-op classes in different subjects for the big girl. Some things to consider are timing, driving, and money. I'm just not sure if it would be right for her. It might give her the opportunity to get a little more one on one help since I have her brother and sister to teach. She would have to be responsible to someone other than me. I think that would be good for her. Just don't know. Yet.
  • I am attending a Finish Well conference. They walk you through how to homeschool through high school. I love that question, by the way. Are you going to homeschool all the way through? Yes. Yes I am. I am excited about the possibilities and the opportunity to get some fresh ideas. I am excited about getting some guidelines (there's that planning thing again. I'll probably show my butt).
  • I have gone through all my freebies and picked out some fun things for the boy and the baby to use for science. We are going to start with weather and go from there. I downloaded a ton of freebies from my favorite lapbook company, In the Hands of a Child. I even downloaded a unit study of mythical creatures. That was for fun, but it looked really cool. 
I know we haven't finished this year yet. I know we still have 3 1/2 months of school left. That's a lot of time and then there's summer break. There's dance and piano and girls club and co-op and field trips and so many things to think about and plan. I know where the path is leading, though. Now to play adventurer and see what the journey holds!

Have a great day.

More Pics

Just some random stuff.

This was the family that was in town for my mom's funeral. We went and ate Mexican food, which was one of her favorites. Margaritas have never been so good...

My sweet nieces, the baby, and my crazy boy! We were walking to the park to hang out and play. Love spending time with them!

Turn your back on the big girl for half a second and what happens? She makes herself comfortable and starts reading. Wonder where she gets that from? Oh, yeah...

I love the fact that all the people in the background of this pic are family. I call that crowd control.

The babies!!What happens when you get 2 divas in a room? Lots of laughing and trying to out queen each other. But they're so pretty, how can you help but laugh (and put them in time out when they've gone too far!)

Have a great day.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I have always loved books. My mom always had a book in her hand. I have read through 2 children's libraries. I spent more time at the school library my third grade year than I spent in the classroom. I was so far ahead in the work schedule that there was talk of moving me up a grade. I would spend all day at the library on base while visiting my dad for the summer. It was that or sit home all day and watch TV. I have a Kindle app on my phone for when I can't have a book in my hands, but I am a flip the pages kind of gal. That leads me to my two vices when it comes to books: the library and curriculum.

The new curriculum is here! The new curriculum is here! I have fed it, watered it, walked it, and named it George. Hello, my name is Cristy and I am addicted to curriculum. I have a ton of freebies that I download from the internet, but there is nothing like having the mail man knock on your door and hand you a great big box of books! Don't judge. Just accept. I am excited for next year and we're just half way through this year. I keep digging stuff out of the box. I keep flipping through the teacher's guide. My. Precious.

We have been horrible library patrons lately. We have racked up fine after fine after fine. I think when they expand they should name a reading cove after us since we probably paid for it. We are slowly but surely paying for our own wing. It's not going to get any better since the next couple of weeks are pretty much 3 day work weeks for us. Sounds great, but there's lots of school left to do. All that busy means I have to be extra vigilant when it comes to the library books so we don't lose one. Yeah, who am I kidding? I can't be extra vigilant about anything most days, so library books get forgotten in the shuffle some times. There have been two examples in the last couple of weeks where I printed the coupon from Books a Million because I thought I was going to have to use it. Buying a book. To replace the one we lost. That I found. Whew! But what great books I've been getting.

I have gotten some oldies but goodies that I like to go back and reread sometimes. I have also gotten some new to me goodies. I have a full waiting list at the library so I can't request books until something comes in. I'm not much of a biography reader, but I'm waiting for Carol Burnett's book. We picked up books the other day and the boy got more than anyone. We get excited when the library calls and says we have books waiting for us (The library has gone to an automated call system. I can't stand it.) My girls are voracious readers. And they both like to read about fairies. Of course, the baby's fairies are TinkerBell and her crew. The big girl's are not. I like 'em both.

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy. Good thing I always have something to keep me company. A good book. Now keeping me out of trouble? That is something else entirely!

Have a great day.