Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Today is the day. My baby girl turned 6. How did that happen? I ask that every time my kids have a birthday. I just don't understand how the time went so quick. Here's my ode to the baby girl.

Amazingly beautiful is my baby girl. When she was a baby, I was walking down a busy street with the kids and the baby when a woman stopped her car. She leaned out her window and said, "That is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen." Thank you, now move, you're blocking traffic. When we were being baptised, she looked up and stared at our pastor. He was speechless for a few seconds, just staring and smiling at her. He finally looked up at the congregation with a goofy grin, and said, "I'm sorry, I'm in love." She just smiled at him and he smiled right back. He was kind of goofy for awhile after that. She has these gorgeous "mood eyes". It's the same concept as a mood ring from the seventies. They are mostly green, but change with her mood. They can be deep green, or sea green, or as blue as the sky. Of course, she gets her good looks from her mother, even though she looks just like her father.

Amazingly smart is my baby girl. When she was four, she decided she wanted to learn to read. My other two kids went to public school to learn to read. I didn't have to teach them. After a quick stumble, mostly my fault, she picked it up. She loves to read. She loves to go to the library and get chapter books. Shesd reading on a second grade level, and she's not technically out of kindergarten yet. Her brother and sister started teaching her addition. I'm scared she's going to work through her first grade math I got her for next year, so I have a second grade back up, just in case. She learned her numbers knowing that there was value to them. She knew what 1 was, how many 2 was, etc. She knew her letters and the sounds they made before she could read. She is scary smart.

Amazingly funny is my baby girl. She would tell knock knock jokes at 3. She didn't really understand them, but they were funny. She loves to make funny faces and noises. I love the innocence of her comments. Sitting at a traffic light that had just turned green the other day, I hear from her, "C'mon, people, the light is green. Get movin'." Yeah, she got that from me. She dances around the house singing funny songs. She makes us laugh and roll our eyes at the same time.

Amazingly full of love is my baby girl. She loves to be held and cuddled. She gives kisses all the time. She likes to hold hands. She loves to be with her family. She would prefer that we all slept in the same bed, but I have to draw the line somewhere. She loves her family, she loves God, and she loves her friends.

I am so proud of the person she is becoming. She has developed her own personality, her own quirks. She is loving and kind and smart and beautifil and funny. She is so great for this family and we are blessed to have her. I think we'll keep her, but only until forever is over.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. I love you so very much.

Have a great day!

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