Monday, February 22, 2010

Alpacas in Pictures

This is my babies with one of the alpacas. She was extremely gentle and didn't fuss at all. Seeing as how there were at least 20 kids there, that's a good thing.
These are the alpacas starting to run. The kids, all of them, would come up behind them and they would start to run. It was like an alpaca stampede, only they would run around us instead of over us. Good thing, huh?!

This is the cutest little guy ever! He would chase the kids down and try to shove his head under their hands. He wanted to be pet all the time. He was so very soft! His fur was amazing. It was COLD that day and if he wanted to snuggle, I was all for it.

This is the baby petting an alpaca. This is the pet of the owner's son. He would come home from school and hang out with her in the field. He would kick his soccer ball around and one day, she head butted it back to him. Now they play soccer together. She is great with kids and seemed to be very calm during all the commotion.

This was the first alpaca we saw. It just walked straight up to the fence and greeted us. It stood patiently while we took pictures. Until it had had enough. But it took awhile for it to get tired. We were like the papparazi since none of us had ever seen one.
It was a great field trip. We had so much fun. The kids ran and chased alpacas and chased each other. I'm just glad the alpacas didn't chase back. Fun, fun, fun.
Have a great day!

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Mermie said...

the children are getting so big. I need to see them badly. Ya'll either need to move back to Texas quickly, come to visit, or we need to go visit ya'll. (that will really get you to move won't it, the thought of us coming to visit)/. Anyway, I need the babies or I need more pictures!!! Love...................