Friday, February 5, 2010

Updates and Sniffly Noses

It's Friday and guess where we aren't? You guessed it. The park. The baby and the boy both have sniffly noses. The boy has these super sinuses that are constantly draining. I know, candida cleanse. Somehow, it just hasn't happened yet. Anyway, it's cool and windy and I don't want to take the chance that it will grow to something bigger and badder, so no park. The park is off a little lake and the wind coming off that bad boy is not fun when it's cool outside. Fenugreek all around.

Instead of having fun with my friends, I mean the kids having fun with their friends, I'm doing laundry. It needs to be done. One of the other things I don't like about cooler weather is jeans. They take up so much room in the hamper. That and the fact that I haven't done any laundry in a week makes it add up. Hubby finally got the laundry soap made yesterday so today is my day. We use an all natural laundry detergent that you mix with water. I really like it. It's probably the best detergent we've used. I've noticed that the colors don't fade as quickly in the clothes. It takes the sweat smell out of hubby's uniforms, and it lasts forever. Most of the time, our detergent only lasts a couple of weeks and then I have to get more. This has lasted over two months and is a lot cheaper.

The kids are listening to a Percy Jackson book on CD. They were interested in the movie trailer so we borrowed the book from the library. We had to start with book two, since book one was out. They are really good books. They are about a boy that is the son of Poseidon and involves Greek mythology. I was never very interested in mythology in school, but these books actually make it interesting. We finished the second and are working on the first. I need to request the third one since the kids are almost done with this one.

We finished Mutiny on the HMS Bounty. It was a children's version, since I haven't read the original. I don't know if the kids would like it, or if it would be too much for them. They did enjoy the version we read and so did I. When we go to church on Sunday, we'll peruse the library and see what our next dinner book will be. Now I have them working on some books about Galileo Galilei and Thomas Jefferson. They are two of the inventors we covered at co-op on Tuesday. I figure if I borrow a bunch of books from the library, the kids can read at least two of them. I usually make them read at least one about every inventor, but the library didn't have any about our third inventor, so the kids got off lucky this time.

Tonight for dinner we are having homemade sour cream enchiladas and Spanish rice. I cleaned out my recipe box and took out all the ones that I've never made, the ones I've lost interest in, and the ones that I thought I would never make or make again. I came across the recipes for the enchiladas and rice and added them to the menu. The only thing I had to get from the grocery store was sour cream. Wouldn't you know they had it on sale? I love it when that happens. I did make the pulled chicken and sesame ribs that I posted previously. They were so good. The chicken we had on sandwich rolls and they had soaked up all that good liquid. The ribs were melt in your mouth tender and were so good with the potatoes. My friend Melissa had posted on her blog a challenge about using the ingredients you already have in your pantry to make meals for a month. I'm working on two weeks at a time. I also base our meals around the produce from the co-op. That helps, too, knowing what I have and what I might need when I plan a menu. Do I need to go to the grocery store or want to go to the grocery store? I'm still working on it.

Yesteday was our 15th wedding anniversary. When hubby and I got married, people actually took bets as to how long it would last. People in Vegas will bet on anything. I won, but I don't know how to collect. It's alright, though, because I got the best prize ever. My inlaws kept the kids and hubby and I got to go see The Book of Eli. It was not what I expected, but it was much, much more. It opened this great dialogue between hubby and I about following the bible or following God and which is more important. I am planning a blog on the other page about that one. While we were watching, I had all these thoughts and ideas and couldn't wait to get them down. I still can't. I just need to organize them a little first. We both really enjoyed it, but it is not for kids.

Monday we have a field trip to an alpaca farm. I haven't told the kids yet. We 're going to meet some of our friend sthere and learn all about alpacas. It's great that we're doing animals for our science this year. This ties right on. We still have our field trip to the radio station coming up and I need to get off my butt and call the carriage museum again. I have left a couple of messages, but no one has called back. I'm starting to get a complex, but I shouldn't take it personally. I'm just wondering how bad do they want to schedule a field trip? I'm not the one losing business, so whatever. I'm hoping the Indian pow wow comes back this year. We had such a good time last year. It happened to fall on the baby's birthday, so that was cool. We'll see what happens. I love field trips. I love to go new places and learn new things. The kids are like sponges. They soak up everything. I love to watch their eyes light up when they figure out something new, or experience something different.

Hubby and the big girl are going on a youth leadership weekend with the church. They picked several youth for this and the big girl was one. There are two boys and three girls going. Hubby is going as chaperone for the boys. If he doesn't go, the boys don't get to go. He is excited about it. He feels like it will give him some additional skills in helping the youth at church. I think it will give him more confidence in dealing with them. And since he is the high school boys counselor, it gives him time to bond with two guys in his group. I think the big girl will hopefully gain some self confidence and maybe knock a little edge off her shyness. She is so excited about going that she keeps talking about it and talking about it. We still have a week to go. I would say I'm tired of hearing about it, but I'm not. I love the excitement in her voice. She was a little worried that hubby would get the job in Texas and she would miss it. Hubby has already said he will tell them he has to be at a conference that weekend. If he doesn't get the job because of that, then we stay here. No harm, no foul.

And the job in Texas. No news yet, but the job posting ended Wednesday. The supervisors usually take until Monday or so to look through the applications and decide where to go from there. We may hear something next week, we may not. We are looking at housing and homeschool laws and what is available for dance and banking and stores, just in case. We don't want to get caught unaware. Hubby and I have decided that if we can find something, which are slim pickings, we would actually like to rent for 6 months to a year. That way we can see if we like the area, or find a better place to live, or whatever and we aren't stuck with a house in a place we don't want to be. As soon as we know something, I'll let you all know.

That's the update. Apparently, I decided today was the day to be long winded. I will take this opportunity to remind my commentors that I do not use names of my children or hubby on this blog. I try to keep things as general as possible. Please do not use names, except mine, or reference where we live any more than what I have. It helps keep us a little more safe. I use first names or initials for my friends, but I do not get any more specific than that. Thanks for your understanding.

Have a great day!

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