Thursday, July 14, 2016

Road Trippin'

Good grief, we're tired, y'all. We traveled over 2,000 miles and had the most amazing time with a group of fantastic people. The kids and hubby and I got to travel with the New Dawn Singers. We spent just over 2 weeks in Pennsylvania. The scenery and the weather were beautiful and the company was outstanding. Wanna see some pics? Good, because I took over 1700...

We hit the rest area at each welcome center for each state we went through. I thought this was pretty cool. This was probably one of the prettiest rest areas we have ever been to. The scenery was amazing and the lay out of the area lent itself to stretching your legs and getting the pent up energy out. I liked this sign because I have ties to the Air Force and I'm super proud of our armed forces.

I had the big girl drag down all the suitcases from her closet so we could get packing. Beau had to try every one of them. He and Stella went to a kennel during our trip. I would have loved to take them with us.

I tried to get every sign as we crossed the border into each state. I missed South Carolina, but I got a cool sign with their state emblem on it. For some reason, West Virginia is just a little later in the pics. Leave it to West Virginia to be difficult. I have to say , it was a beautiful trip.

These are just some of the pics from the road. Ignore the dirty windshield. I wasn't a fan of some of the twists and turns and the steep roads. I did have my peppermint essential oil, so at least the motion sickness wasn't too bad. The views of the mountains and the clouds and those almost empty roads, though, were gorgeous...

 As much as I am not a fan of bridges, hubby is not a fan of tunnels. We got to drive through 2!

Not that you can tell very well, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Stinkin' West Virginia being difficult...
There were also some super cool bridges that crossed the interstate. This is one. I think the pic of West Virginia ate the other one...
We took 2 days to get to our destination for the first week. That was the rehearsal barn and the main hub for the gospel concerts all week. I'll tell you more about that in the next blog. We spent the night in NC and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate a Hampton Inn! It was 2 long days in the Jeep. This was our first vacation we've taken that didn't involve visiting family, but we sure made new family! Gorgeous part of the country if you ever get to travel it. As soon as I get the other pics chosen and edited, you can bet you'll get to see them. Lucky you!
Have a great day.

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