Friday, July 15, 2016

Lift Your Voice

One of the best part of New Dawn Singers, besides the amazing and amazingly talented people involved, is that it is a ministry. They perform gospel concerts at local, and some not so local, churches. The kids and I performed a mime called "Bondages" about the things of the world that bind us to the world and keep us away from Jesus. It is not always easy to find the time to rehearse, load equipment, drive to point A, unload and set up equipment, make ourselves pretty, perform, unhook and load equipment, then drive home. But this group made it look easy. Here's a look at our days.

This was our itinerary. The churches fed us before each show, except the first show. They had cookies and punch after. So many cookies, so little time! One of my favorites was the Nazarene church in Warren, PA. Amazingly friendly people that took the time to prepare what I can only describe as a feast. We met a lovely man that taught the big girl and the baby how to make aluminum foil roses. There was a sweet lady that dragged the kids into the kitchen after the concert to pack up the leftover desserts for them. You know the kids were kicking and screaming over that, lol. The church in Chapmanville had a pizza party for us before the service and sent us home with 3 extra large pizzas. The pastor moved me to tears with his short sermon after the performance. Great people that love Jesus.

This is our group at the last church. JK, third from left, soloed during Psalm 62. JB, far left, had a solo in Mountain Mover. PW, on the far right, sang His Eye Is on the Sparrow. All of these voices together will give you goosebumps...

New Dawn also performed at an assisted living facility. They did a combo of the gospel show and a patriotic show. There was one sweet lady sitting just to my left that sang every song. Every word to every song. I told her she was wonderful and she smiled from ear to ear.

This is PH singing By and By. He was so. stinking. good!! Good grief, y'all, I wish I had video so you could hear him!

PW singing his solo with JK looking on. Every time he sang, he gave it his all and you could tell when he sang that he loved it.

This was from the 6 o'clock show. It was a God and Country show. This is CC and PW singing I've Just Seen Jesus by Sandy Patty. The power behind this song and the group when they joined in was awesome and powerful.

Some of the stained glass windows and the organ in the last church we performed in. Stunning...

Most of the churches were old and had lots of narrow, steep stairs. I didn't care for that at all. But the people more than made up for that. We were fed, we were prayed for, we were loved on by people that thought we were there to bless them with song. In reality, we were blessed by them and all they did for us. It was very humbling and a huge honor to meet all the people that attended the concerts. We were blessed as much, if not more, than we blessed.

Have a great day.

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