Sunday, July 24, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect, Part 1, With Pics!

For anyone that has ever taken dance or voice or theater or band or any combination of those, the phrase "One more time" actually means "800 more times in the next 5 minutes". This time, though, I was there with my camera. Ready? One more time...

A Musical from Something Rotten

OK, I'm using this pic for 2 reasons. The 1st, it's a great pic of the big girl. The 2d, it's 1 of 3 that is not flattering of JB. I don't mean that in a vicious way because I love JB like he's family. But you have to understand, of the over 1000 pics I have and the 10,000 that our friend DC took, there are 3, count them 3, that he is not photogenic in. 3 out of over 10,000!! I did warn him, though, that I was posting this one and even showed it to him before hand. Just, ugh, JB. Just, ugh!

Welcome to the Renaissance from Something Rotten
The next few blogs are going to be from dress rehearsal. I have almost 100 pics to post, so I have to break them up. You know what they say: one more time!
Have a great day.

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