Friday, July 15, 2016

The View from the High Road

Normally, I like to say "The view from the high road is amazing." I don't always take the high road since I am a throw it in the gutter kind of gal, but the views here were truly spectacular.

Our first stop was at the house of a friend of the New Dawn Singers, and now a friend of ours. She graciously allows the group to invade and take over her home and her life and her barn while they rehearse the show for Knoebel's and prepare for a few local gospel concerts. Hubby and I would get up early, hubby would make coffee, and we would sit on the back porch to spend a few minutes together before the rest of the house woke up. The mornings are nothing like the mornings at home. And even though hubby and I like to sit in our garden and have coffee, we will certainly miss these views! 

We came out one morning to see the clouds crawling through the mountains. Yup, clouds crawling through the mountains. The majesty of it all left us speechless. Well, for half a second anyway...

This was one spectacular morning and the pic does it absolutely no justice at all. The tree line in the front and the mountain in the background. And what looked like a bowl full of clouds in between. It was so close it seemed like we could take a spoon and eat it. Just stunning...

And when you have a view like this from the pool, how can you say no to a dip or two?

Obviously, the boy and the baby couldn't say no. Hubby and I joined them one day and it was lovely. Warm water, great company, and that view!

And this darling with her kitty cat. This is the owner's grand daughter who is the sweetest, cutest, smiliest baby. She would watch the rehearsals and smile and wave. The kitty, however, was all about rehearsing with the group. She would run in and out of numbers, in and out of the curtains, and chew anything she could, including cords to equipment. 

We are so grateful for this opportunity, but also that we were able to spend time every morning together in the beauty that God created. Hubby and I still talk about it and I'm so glad for the memories of it all!

Have a great day.

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