Friday, August 12, 2011


We are officially done with our first week of school. I could have picked a better week. Next week would have better, but what kind of fun is that? On top of starting school, the kids had VBS at our church this week. We also had veggie co-op. I figure it's good practice for us when our extras kick in. It also led to some quality naps, let me tell you what.

We started off light.We only did language arts and math. Next week we add in history and science. I am looking forward to that. I was going to start with a history lap book, but I changed my mind. See why I plan in pencil? Instead we are going to start history with America: The Story of Us. I borrowed the DVD from my friend K. The History Channel has study guides for each episode. We aren't necessarily going to follow the study guide, but we'll do some of it. I am looking forward to the discussions. After reading some different views on the history that I learned, I am looking forward to the series. Some of it may jibe, but some may not. That should be interesting.

I bought my supplies for the science experiments. I only really needed a 100 watt light bulb. I have every thing else. We are not doing science during a co-op week. Just one more thing to shove into 3 days, instead of four. We will, however, do origami. Since we have to make an aluminum foil "hat" for the light bulb to keep from burning ourselves, our first origami projects are hats. We are going to make two different kinds. I am going to try to find origami to either coincide with science or history. Or not. I'll probably change my mind 14 times.

The big project that I started today was cleaning out the kids' dressers and closets. Mercy me. I've already done that once this year. You should see the pile of clothes stacked in the corner of my kitchen. You really shouldn't because it is a mess!! I unpacked a box so I would have somewhere to put it all. I'm glad I did. I found 7 pairs of jeans and two shirts for the boy. More importantly, they fit! Today started our tax free weekend. I have printed every coupon for every store I can. I have made a list so I don't forget what the kids need. I have coupons for shoes, clothes, underwear, and socks. I also have a plan. Yeah, we know how that goes.

Because I don't think we are busy enough, want to know what I did? I signed the kids up for some free workshops at Lowe's. Am I out of my mind? DO NOT answer that!! I didn't sign up for alot. I just signed up for a couple I thought the kids would like. And they're free. And the Lowe's I signed up for is right across the street from the frozen yogurt place and Five Guys Burgers and Fries. There is a method to my madness. Now if I could figure it out, wouldn't that be great?

I have bored you enough. I am on to researching field trips. I'll let you know what I come up with. Wanna go with us?

Have a great day.

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