Monday, August 1, 2011

Rodeo Pics

We went to a rodeo while we were in Texas. I will spare you the retelling because, really, it doesn't need to be told again. Go look it up. If I was smart, I would link it. I just might go back and do that. Anyway, my camera died while we were there, among other things. All you really get is the opening and the view of some of the animals while we teetered precariously on  a metal walkway. The big girl took the pics from up above the animals because I couldn't do it. I was scared for my life on that walkway. There are also some pics of the kids before hand. I didn't have time to crop these so sorry about the quality of some of them. That and my picture gallery thingy where I upload them is being wacky.
 A skate park. This little bitty town that celebrates Jim Bowie has a skate park. Well, ok then.

 The baby and my niece at the top of a climbing thing at the park where we ate. I really don't like those, specially when there's concrete underneath it. Get down now. Thank you.
 I couldn't even look down. I tried. Once. That was all it took. Thank goodness the big girl said she would take pics. When I say rickety, I mean RICKETY!! Scared for my life, scared for my kids, scared for the people that actually had seats up there.
 Beautiful horses. And just for you, Hillside Hollow, a butt shot. It's a little blocked by the fence, but there you go.

The bottom right hand side of this pic is the bulls. It was taken as we were descending the steepest stairs I have ever been on in my life. They were rickety, too. The big girl did a great job. What she didn't get, because I was so scared when it happened I almost pushed her off the stairs, was all those bulls starting to fight. They are alot closer than you think. I could have reached out my hand and touched them. If I would have let go of my death grip on the railing. That didn't happen til my feet hit the ground.
 More bulls. I need to say it. Can you believe there was more bull crap in one place than I usually spout? Hehehehe...
 Ok, here's the deal. The top left of this pic is the announcer booth. See the guy in the burnt orange shirt? That was the announcer. Good thing since he was at the booth. My point, though, is that was where we were on the rickety walk way. See all those people sitting above the chutes? Yeah, that's where we walked. When the horses and bulls bucked in the chutes, I cannot imagine how much that thing moved, nor do I want to imagine it. A good breeze could have blown that darn thing down.

 We had the best of both worlds: a rodeo and a parade. I like the way they roll.

 That is the most beautiful flag. Ever. Followed closely by the Stars and Stripes.

 The announcer booth again. Good grief, I have goosebumps just thinking about  the walk way.

 The parade coming in. So many people and horses. I thought it was cool to see people riding with their kids. Their little bitty kids. Some could not have been older than 4. Some as young as 7 were riding by themselves. Go on with it then.

 What good are pictures at the rodeo if you don't get one of the bull fighter? They are no longer referred to as rodeo clowns. This guy was great.

You might notice that the stands in the back ground are almost empty. That's because it was the sunny side. Who wants to sit in the blazing evening sun when it's at least 105 outside? Not me. Or anyone else that crowded our side. It did thin out when the sun went down.

We had a great time. It was small, but the real action was the next night. One night was enough for us. We yelled and hooted and hollered. We got to spend time with family. That was the best part.

Have a great day.

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Big Sis said...

Um, the bulls weren't fighting, they were "loving" on each other. It was fun until the "incident". At least the kiddos can now say they've been to a rodeo. We'll have to do it right next time you guys come out. . .soon!! Miss you guys so much. But love you more!!!