Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Bubble

Today is my birthday!! I absolutely adore my birthday! I may not like the age that goes along with it, but I love having one anyway. I dance when Happy Birthday is sung to me. Love everything about it from the cake to dinner to doing anything I want. If I could have a birthday a few times a year, I would be ecstatic. It was another banner day.

The kids and I went to see Kung Fu Panda 2. I may not like Jack Black, but I like Po. We were four out of maybe 20 people in the whole theater. Morning movies during the week are rarely crowded. When we pulled into the parking lot there was a school bus there. We all kind of looked at each other thinking about the crowd and the chaos. But it's my birthday and I wasn't sweating it. And I didn't have to because they went to see a different movie. 

Hubby asked what I wanted for my birthday dinner. I said nothing yet. We still haven't really celebrated hubby's birthday since he was sick. We needed to celebrate his first. We're doing that this weekend. I said I wanted to go to book club. He came home early so he could take me. Then the stinker took the kids to the mall and got decorations and decorated for my birthday as a surprise.

You may notice that the cake says Happy 20th Anniversary. I have always joked that when I turned 21, I was legal to do whatever I wanted, so I didn't need to get any older. Instead of having birthdays, I was going to have anniversarys for turning 21. Today was my 20th anniversary and I wanted that on my cake. Hubby is a good man. Not only did he get me the cake I wanted, he got me candles.

Book club was wonderful. There are so many good books out there. This book club has expanded my reading horizons and gotten me out of my reading rut. And the ladies are fabulous to be around. My friend M got me a cake and they sang Happy Birthday to me. I danced. And my friend N made me Nutella cookies. There should be a law against them, but I'm glad there's not. I shared because it was the right thing to do. It hurt, but I did it anyway. Then we actually talked about the book. I like to make a list of all the books they recommend and request them from the library when I get home.

Now, I'm doing one of my favorite things: blogging. I feel like I've been in a happy bubble all day. My face hurts from smiling. My Facebook page is full of well wishes. I love my birthday.

Have a great My Birthday.


Big Sis said...

LOOOOOOVE the way your kids decorate for a party!!! So glad it was a geat day!! Love you and will give you birthday hugs when you get here!!!

Anonymous said...

Well happy late birthday! I have birthday weekends every year (even if my birthday is during the week). I am queen for the entire weekend and just have fun. You do that too, you deserve it!

Amy Lou said...

So glad that your birthday was a great day. Your family is the diggity! Celebrate all year long!