Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday and Other Stuff

My birthday was last Thursday. You can go read that post if you want. I should have linked it, but I didn't. I may go back and do that. You never know with me. Anyway, here's the rundown. Ooh, a list and bullet points. It's like it's still my birthday!

  • I got an App Store card and Wii Points for my birthday. Wanna know what I got? Huh, huh? I downloaded three new songs for Just Dance 2. I got Mambo No 5 by Lou Bega, Pump up the Volume by M/A/R/R/S, and I got Here Comes the Hotstepper. The last one is done by the "Wii" band, but I liked it when it came out a million years ago. It's kinda weird, too. There's this farmer and a rabbit trying to get into the barn. I downloaded the first two and of course I had to dance to them. The boy said "We haven't had it but a couple of hours and you already have the high score? And you got over 10,000." That's the way I roll, big boy. With my App Store card I got Tetris and a ton of music. I like Tetris. It's kinda frustrating because I keep swiping. Yeah, don't do that until you're ready. I got some Sick Puppies, Korn, LL Cool J (Ladies Love Cool James), and a bunch of 69 cent songs. My iPod is much happier now and so am I.
  • We had to get the baby a new eye patch. Apparently, when we started packing, I either packed it (why I would do that I have no idea, but you never know with me), or threw it away (again, why I would do that I have no idea). My friend G had given me some patches, but I can't find those either. Her eye has been specially floaty lately. She hates wearing the patch, but she does so much better when she does. Back to using a patch we go. She has to do 15 minutes a day covering one eye at a time. I do like that she's older now and will actually wear the patch instead of ripping it off her face. That was a pain. Now she can set the timer herself, switch eyes, and reset the timer for the other eye. Like that little bit of independence.
  • Hubby and I went back to a menu. When we had to stop our extras, I didn't see the point. We were home. It's not like I had to plan around anything. Then I got in a rut. And hubby and I have started eating more vegetarian for the summer. I'm hoping it's something we can keep up after the summer. We had to make a menu so I know what the heck I'm cooking. Tomorrow for dinner, we're having mango quinoa salad. I have three mangos just waiting...
  • We have started planning the fall crops for our tower. We are going to grow broccoli and purple hull peas so far. We are going to try a couple of different things to see what we can come up with. I want some squash, but we haven't decided what kind yet. We need to try germinating the pumpkins again. So far they haven't done anything. We did replant lettuce since ours wilted. I can't blame the lettuce, though. I wilt in the heat, too. Cucumbers are growing like crazy. We still only have one watermelon. Go little melon, go. I just hope we get to eat this one. 
  • VBS's start soon. In the homeschool group I belong to, we call it summer camp. We have a rotation of about 4-5 churches that the kids will go to. We either know people that go to the churches, or we know the people that are volunteering. The big girl goes to camp the first week in August. If I had been smart I would have sent her to camp the first week. That way I would know she could go. But when we planned it, I wasn't sure we'd be here this long, so really. The two younger kids get to go to the VBSs. The big girl is too big. When did that happen? I can't stand it. This is probably the last year for the boy, too. Next summer, he'll be middle school. Eeeeekkk!! I gotta move on before I freak myself out.
And by moving on, I'm just gonna call it good here. You know I'm working on a new list.

Have a great day.

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Tiffany said...

I've been trying to do the mostly vegetarian thing for a while and it's not that easy. I got a good cookbook at the library though and I'm trying to have some sort of grain/vegetable salad every night and then some other type of dish or veggie. I'll be blogging all my recipes I think, at least until I go out of town. I want your Mango Quinoa recipe!