Friday, May 15, 2009


Just a few things that have gone on. Not much, but there is some exciting news. Exciting for us anyway, which for most people wouldn't be that exciting.

It was costume week at dance class. All the kids got to bring their costumes home and they are so excited. I am too truth be told. This is my favorite time of year with dance class. The baby's is a real ballet cotume. Tight beaded bodice and big fluffy tutu. She is so beautiful. She's always beautiful, but you know what I mean. The boy's costume is denim overalls, a red checkered shirt (think table cloth), and a white hat with a red brim. He is absolutely adorable. The big girl's is pretty funky. It's like school uniform gone punk almost. It's red, black, and white and way cool. We had to get these really cool Converse like shoes that she's been wanting for the costume. She just can't wear them out in public until after recital. Right now she can only wear them at practice and recital. I can't post pics yet, but look for them after the 6th of June.

Park day was rather interesting last week and this week. I'm not real sure I can sum it up quickly, but I'll try. A county employee came to talk to us moms at the park last Friday. He asked that we keep the scooters off the equipment (the park was made for wheelchair accesibility) and off the soft material under the equipment. Not a problem, we can do that. Today a park ranger said they could only ride on the sidewalks around the park, not the sidewalks in the park, in the play area. Huh? Ok, but we were told we could, any paved surface. Apparently not, per the park ranger. Thank you very much.

We had the best time at our last JAM lat week. We had an incredible water slide, slip n slides, sno cones, water balloons, and water bombs. We had an area roped off so they could throw the water balloons in the marked areas only. It still took a little while to pick up the pieces, but we got it done. My kids and one of our volunteer's kids were on the water slide from about noon until 8 that evening. They had to take about a thirty minute break when the rest of the kids got there, but they stayed on it until it was almost dark. The baby was so tired she cried all the way home. I asked if she was tired and she sobbed, "Yess!" I just let her cry. They all slept so good, and so did hubby and I. We rode as much as we could. It was 18' tall, had a curve at the bottom and a landing pool. We want one at home.

And, now for the really exciting news: Yesterday was our last day of school. Whoooooo! We are done for a while. We are taking a break until after recital and then back again for a little bit, then another break before we start again for real. We are all in need of a break. It feels good already to know that we don't have to push or rush or anything like that. I can lay around a little longer in the morning, eat more bon bons. Insert laughter here. I have a couple of exciting things planned for next year, but that's not until September. I am not even going to think about it until next week. We all know what a glutton I am. I'll have half of next year planned by August.

That's our news for now. Oh, the batteries for the camera are dead, so they are being charged to get a picture of the baby's first lost tooth. I'll post when I have a chance.

I would like to take a minute to say how much I love and appreciate my homeschool moms. They are the best support system in the world. I thank God for each and every one of them.

Have a great day!


BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

Wow, I left park day early. I guess I missed out on all the fun!

Cristy said...

Park Ranger was really nice about it. We may even schedule a nature walk one Friday. They'll lead and instruct and then we play.

And I just love the opinions and the observations and the whatever of everybody. I love to talk to the moms.


Tiffany said...

The costumes sound adorable! I'm looking forward to pictures. Your older daughter's costume reminds me of what my daughter is wearing for her upcoming performance of High School Musical 2--she has to look like a funky artsy school girl, she's playing Kelsey. And--she's wearing converse!

Cristy said...

That is too funny. I guess Converse never go out of style. Kelsey is one of our favorite characters. I bet your daughter will do a bang up job.