Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Garden Project

Hubby has the kids gardening. It has been so much fun for them. The fruits of their labor have done very well. We have yucky soil, so hubby is using containers. We have tomatoes and squash that the kids have planted. We also have potatoes, garlic, and something we're not quite sure of.

The tomatoes and squash are flourishing. Hubby and I spent part of last Sunday working to put together a home made plant stand. We used two wooden pallets and rearranged them. We pulled every other board and turned it to brace against the board we left below it. Then we put them back to back and connected them with a couple of left over poeces of wood we had hanging around. We put the pots with the squash on top of the connecting boards. And the slats we reattached are like steps for the squash to grow on as the plant starts to vine. We need to do another one, but hubby has to get two more pallets. There is a furniture store downtown that has a whole stack for free. Hubby is going to stop by and pick the two best they have. He might have to get four more.

We have the potatoes and garlic coming up in a seperate container. There used to be a tree farm behind us. It has been very windy here for the last two or three months and the containers blow over and through our fence. They are fantastic! We have alternated the filling of those with soil, hay, and horse poop. then we just keep it watered and stuff started growing. We planted organic potato scraps with eyes and some organic garlic that had sprouted before I got to use it. It has completely taken over. Who knew you could grow potatoes in Florida in April and May? Now I need to look up when to pick them.

We moved the compost pile as well. The one we had just was not big enough, specially when we started doing organic produce. We get so much and eat so much that we had more compost than soil. So we cleared out part of what used to be the garden and expanded. It is so good to have some room. Hubby still needs to put up the shade for it, because It gets none. We would have to water it all day to keep it moist. That is not happening. Hubby got a load of horse poop today to put in it and get it really going. Put lots of good stuff in the compost pile. His brother's boss has several horses and doesn't mind if we cart off some of the good stuff.

We have started taking a new supplement. It is whole foods based and has been amazing for us. We don't take nearly as many supplements as we used to because we don't have to. It gives us our fruits, veggies, and grains that we aren't getting. Even as much produce as we eat, we still don't get what we're supposed to every day. They call it whole foods in a capsule. We have two of the kids on it. The kids get theirs for free. I believe in it so much, I have become a distributor. So if anyone needs a good boost for your body, mind, immune system, and such, ask me about Juice Plus.

School is almost over. I cannot believe it. We had a little snafu in our schedule last week, so we did last week's science this week, and this week's science next week. You get the idea. But we have a week long review of our geology book that we used. The kids are dreading it, but they have done really well with a middle school curriculum. I didn't realize it was as advanced as it was until I started planning lessons. But the kids loved it. I did, too.

We won't finish our history curriculum, but we can pick up where we left off. I also have the second and third year it, so we can just start where we need to. We also won't finish the kids curriculum for math. We are going to take a break until after recital, then do a month or so of two day weeks. Then take another big break and start for real in September. I love the flexibility. There is nothing better.

That's all I have to report for now. Hubby's birthday is tomorrow, and I will post the quick easy recipe to make a home made ice cream cake that is yummy, yummy, yummy. My friend D does them all the time for her kids. Look for the post.

Have a great day!

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