Sunday, May 3, 2009

Garden, Part 2

The top one is our potato plants that have sprung up. The middle is the squash. It's sitting on top of the planter we built. And the last one is our tomatoes. The top two I took yesterday and the bottom one today. We are so happy. I started some garlic oil to help make a spray to keep the bugs away. We have been seeing lady bugs, so that makes us feel pretty good.
The kids have been hand pollenating the flowers. Hubby read about a technique using QTips. We haven't seen any bees yet, which always worries us. All the pesticides have shortened the lives of bees. And without them, we don't eat or have trees or anything else that grows. Sorry, went off topic again.
This has beena fun project for our family. The kids have helped plant, weed, water, feed, load, turn, pull, and whatever else is involved in growing a garden. Next to go in is strawberries, and corn. It may be too late for corn, but we're going to do it any way. My mouth is just watering thinking about all the good food growing in my yard.
Have a great day!

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