Saturday, February 7, 2009

Catching Up

Sorry it's been so long. But we've all been sick and I haven't felt much like blogging. My other page is pretty much caught up, but I didn't feel like doing school and neither did the kids. So we played a lot of catch up this week.

We worked one day last week, Monday, and then none of us felt like doing a darn thing but hacking, coughing, and being miserable. But you remember being in school and all the makeup work when you were sick. Yeah, we did that this week. We did the abbreviated version. I love home schooling.

We only did those things we had to do to continue our curriculum. We had to catch up our science. We are doing Geology, and we were discussing landforms. We had started plains, but we had to do plateuas. Mountains were this week. That actually was fun for us. The curriculum is pretty intense. It's more than I thought it was going to be, but we are having the best time with it. I also downloaded a ton of printables and articles from the internet from a website that I had a membership for. The membership was getting ready to expire so I downloaded history and science for this year and next. And the year after. Next year is animls and the year after is the human body. But back to topic, we had to finish the rest to get to mountains. So we did last week and caught up on Monday. It was a lot, but we did it.

Same with our history. Some chapters build off the previous chapters. We are skipping a couple of chapters because we just don't have time to do them before the end of our school year and hit some really important times in history. But they get done in the next year of the curriculum, which I already have and got it for free! I have the text, student pages, activity book, test book, and answer key for all three years of the curriculum. I also have some geography and maps, and I don't know what else with it. But I can say it pays to have connections some times. But last week was one of the chapters that builds up to the next. We even did the craft, but it was quick easy and fun. We need to do the craft for this week, but I need to get white shoe strings, and I forgot, again.

Our craft from last week was making a Greek timpanon. It's basically a tamborine. You take two paper plates and glue them together. You punch holes around the outside rim with a hole punch. You thread ribbon threw the holes until you get back to the first hole. Tie the ribbon and leave some to dangle, how ever long you want it. Tahdah, timpanon. And then you decorate. It was quick, easy, and even I could do it. This week we make Persian shoe strings. The activity guide gives us patterns or we can use our own. Basically you color shoe strings with markers. The kids are excited and want to put them in their shoes. I'm good with that. Maybe I'll post the pictures of both the crafts.

The boy was quite the feisty one this week. He got frustrated getting his paper plate to stick together. I told him I would help him in just a second, because I was helping the baby. But he got this really ugly look on his face. When he's frustrated like that he starts to cry. And the look made me angry. It made me so mad I wanted to slap him. I am not one to slap in the face. It happened too much to me as a child. I did it one time to the big girl and swore I would never do it again. I haven't , but the temptation has been there a couple of times.

It happened again at our JAM program. He was rough housing, like he shouldn't have been and got dropped. He was mad I didn't have more sympathy for him. Sorry, you weren't supposed to be doing it. I got nothing but love for you, baby. And the look surfaced. Just anger and pure mean. The first time I was shocked, the second I was angry. I told him to direct that anger at the person who deserved it, himself. He almost looked shock that he was to blame. But that is such a different blog for a different time. We got through that, but the week was not over.

It was not an easy week, and there was a ton of work to do. I cut some of their work load, but it was still a lot. We got through it and we all even got to go back to dance class. That was my favorite part of my week. It happened that my dance class was on my wedding anniversary. It was almost like a present to myself. Fourteen years of being loved by the best man for me, ever. What a great day.

And we're all mostly over our ickies. There is still the lingering cough and the occasional snottiness, but mostly we're well. And we're caught up and ready to move on with school. And I get to buy curriculum next week. We get our taxes back and my palms are itchy, ready to spend a little cashola on school books. Whoo hoo! Like that upsets me.

Here's to hoping you are all well. I hope you don't get what we had. It all started the same but turned into something different for each of us. Stay well, stay warm, and as always...

Have a great day!

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