Sunday, February 15, 2009


Did you ever screw up really bad and think that nobody ever messed up as bad as you? Well, have a seat. I get the "Mama Screwed Up Really Bad" Award for Friday the 13th.

Friday was our Valentine exchange at the park. I was going to make cracker salad. It's one of those things you either really like or you don't. I haven't met any people who are undecided. You have to have boiled eggs for cracker salad, so I boiled some. As I was taking them off the stove, the big girl walked up behind me. She didn't mean to. She was trying to get around me so she could scrape her cereal bowl like the great girl that she is. I stopped when I saw her, but the water in the pot didn't. And it proceeded to splash down her left side and a little on her left arm.

I got her night shirt off as quickly as I could. We ran to the bathroom and on the way I grabbed two washcloths out of their cabinet. I ran one in super cold water and stuck it on her burn. Then I ran the other one under cold water and we alternated as the cloths got warm. And they got warm quick. She already had a blister that had formed and popped by the time I got her shirt off her.

She sat on the potty lid while I swapped her cloths out. Here's the kicker that really knocked me to my knees. I had to stay strong for her. I tried very hard to remain calm on the outside while I was screaming on the inside, "Stupid, stupid, stupid mama!" The big girl kept apologizing to me for walking up behind me. I kept telling her to stop apologizing because it wasn't her fault. I didn't look behind me when I turned with a hot pot. I apologized to her for being an idiot. So finally we took a couple of minutes to cry together and hold each other.

I finally got to the point that the boy could help me swap out her rags. So he helped mama while I looked in our medical book to see what I needed to do. Exactly what I was doing. Either use cold compresses or ice. That is one of the few times I have been ecstatic that the water in the kids bathroom runs really, really cold. Then I called the doctor and she said go to the ER. Great. Our MD doesn't want to see us and wants us to go the next step. I called hubby and he met us at church, which is on the way to the Urgent Care Center.

Smarty me thought it would be quicker than the ER. Here's a hint. If it has "urgent" in the name, it isn't. 4 hours later we left, soothing cream in hand. The big girl has a second degree burn. It runs from a little higher than the picture shows to almost her hip. I felt so bad for her. And we were supposed to go to Disney on Saturday. But we just postponed the trip for another couple of weeks. I teased her and said if she didn't want to go to Disney all she had to do was say so. She didn't hurt after about the first hour we were there. And she doesn't hurt now except if she gets jostled or poked or something along those lines. We have made new rules for the pathways around our kitchen and the kids are not allowed to come past a certain point when we are cooking. Say a prayer for the speedy recovery and for the sanity and removal of guilt from the mama. And as always...

Have a great day!


Scott said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry that happened, but I'm glad things are going to be okay. These unfortunate accidents sometimes happen but you all pulled together and took care of it.

Love you,

Mermie said...

Don't you just stay awake at night thinking about this and how much worse it could have been? Just makes my butthole quiver!!!! I hate when things like this happen, but looks like my granddaughter comes from really good stock, doesn't it? Love...............