Tuesday, February 24, 2009

National Pancake Day

Today is National Pancake Day. IHOP was giving everyone a free three stack. They did ask for donations for the Children's Miracle Network. That's what we did for dinner tonight. It was a busy day and I didn't make time to cook or even thaw anything out. And the pancakes were fantastic. The service was a little cooky, but the food was good. And we got to spend time together, playing the games on the coloring sheet. And everyone's bellies are full.

We had co-op here today. I have been keeping some party favors and kids meal toys that we have a million of in a tin for prize box. I reviewed some of the parts of a dictionary and some of the special markings. Whoever correctly guessed the answer to the questions got to dig in the prize box. I did let everyone have one later, but it worked really well. Then I made the kids look up two words that describe them. They had really great words. Some of them were obnoxious, quirky, different, and crazy. It was neat that they learned the skills, but it was amazing to see the way they picked words for themselves.

Some took the task very seriously. I don't have enough dictionaries for everyone so some had to wait. As soon as they had their words they were ready for a dictionary. And everyone else needed to hurry up or hand over the dictionary. And then we read our words out loud. Mine were vivacious and crazy. I think they fit. The big girl used different and obnoxious. The boy used fun and builder. The baby was with her friend and the friend's mom was helping her friend with her words. The baby thought she was being helped, too, so she used the same words her friend did. Her's were famous and excellent. She's so cute.

It was 5:00 when everyone left! It's a dance night, and I usually try to get dinner as ready as I can before we leave. Hopefully we can eat shortly after we get home. But, it's National Pancake Day. I didn't have to cook anyway. It was nice not have to rush around before we go. And we got to eat pancakes. Yummy!

The big girl's burn is much better. It had scabbed up (yuck, cool) and finally flaked off. The kids spent Friday night with the grandparents and when we picked them up on Saturday, it was all gone. There was some pinkness from the burn under the scab. But that has crusted over now (yuck, cool) and has healed. So now she has this discolored patch that runs where she was burned. And I look at it and just feel my heart shatter all over again. But she thinks the healing process has been cool in a weird way. Or weird in a cool way. Watching the skin repair itself has been very interesting, to say the least. But what amazing bodies God has given us.

That's our update. We try to stay as boring as possible. Not that we have time to be anything else. Being any other way takes too much time. Tomorrow is busy all over again.

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you know that we have overscheduled ourselves on National Pancake Day and didn't have the time to go to IHOP!!! I'm glad the big girl is doing better. Miss you all terribly!!