Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It's almost love day. I love love day. Ok, I really ike the abundance of chocolate, but really, is that a bad thing? We have at least two V day parties and a birthday party. And we are going to do a craft tomorrow and fill out our exchanging cards.

We are going to make a mailbox to put out cards in. You take two paper plates and cut one in half. You glue or staple the plates together to form a pocket. I have colored staples that we are going to use. Then you use a hole punch and punch holes around the rim. Then you lace it with ribbon. Or you could glue lace around it, but that would mean a trip to the craft store for us, which is so not happening. We have foam stickers that we are going to decorate with. The only problem is that I have to figure some way to make a kick stand with the piece I cut off so that it stands up. I'll figure something out.

We have our party at the park this Friday. Everybody is bringing food to share, which doesn't break my heart at all. And the kids are going to exchange cards. I'm wondering if I should get some candy, but there are at least 35 kids coming. I'm not sure I want to tackle that problem.

And next Wednesday is our party at JAM. We are going to watch a movie, eat pizza, and eat lots and lots of candy. I need to get some little gift bags to put together for the kids. They all love getting the gift bags. It makes them feel special that we have taken the time to think of them. Don't you feel special when someone does a nice thing for you?

Saturday is a very special day for us. Not only is it Valentines day, but we are doing something we have never done. We are going to Disney. We are so excited. We have lived here all of our married lives, our oldest child is 10, and we have never been to Disney. But we got a little money and decided to do something really fun for our family. I told everyone we could get the hats with the Mickey Ears. Even hubby is excited about that.

And Sunday we have a birthday party to go to. We have this really neat place that is glow in the dark mini golf. We've went for the boys birthday last year and it was fantastic. We had the best time. It was cool to see our shoes and socks glow. But it was even more impressive to smile and see our teeth glow. We laughed so much. We needed an excuse to go back, and here it is!

And I ordered our foreign language curriculum for next year. It's a little pricey, but I thnk it will be well worth the money. It is interactive, includes a microphone and headset, and covers four years of learning. You can have interactive conversations with the program. When you speak into the microphone, it processes how you spoke the word and corrects pronunciation. It does grammar, reading, speaking conversationally, and I think it's going to be fantastic. We won't use it until next year, but we have the money now, if you know what I mean. So hopefully, we will all be fluent in Spanish soon.

That's pretty much the update. I apologize for being a slacker. But I guess we're all allowed once in a while, right?

Have a great day!