Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Ten Kids, No Pets"

We finished our book, and it was cute. It also made me glad that, as many times as I have said I would have ten kids if hubby would let me, I don't have ten kids. I think people that have that many kids run their homes like a well oiled machine, but you have to with that many.

Mom took the names from a baby book and they were named alphabetically and in number order. The first child was a girl and was named with the first A name for girls. The second was a boy and was named with the second B name. You get the picture. And she did that 10 times. And she had a rule for almost everything. One of those rules was that 10 kids was enough, so no pets, hence the name of the book.

And what a cute book. The family moves from a New York City apartment to a farm in New Jersey. It wasn't a working farm, but they had lots of room to roam. And too much time on their hands sometimes. And they all wanted a pet.

Each chapter is from the view of a particular child. And it's their desperate attempt to get a pet. And mom says no to each one. I don't understand it, but I do in a way. You have ten kids, make a new rule. And she eventually does.

I'll let you read what the new rule is and why she makes it. It was a cute, fun read and we all enjoyed it. It made for great dinner conversation and fantastic family time. If you get a chance, read it. Our new book is "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" by C.S. Lewis. We've already read three of the first four Narnia books. We haven't done "The Magician's Nephew" because the big girl is doing it as part of her curriculum for next year. But I may change my mind and read it any way. I'm kind of in the mood for changing the rules. But not for the same reasons as Mrs. Rosso.

Have a great day!

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