Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chickens Everywhere

It was an interesting week. Hubby was off on Monday, and that threw school for a loop. We do not school when hubby is home. There really is no point. We would rather hang out with him than open a stinky ol' textbook. But we're weird like that. Veggie co-op was Thursday, so no school on Thursday. We ran late there, so by the time we got home it was after 2. We normally get home by 1 at the latest. And Friday was park day. We don't school on Fridays. So four days of work got crammed into two. Ugh!

And if that weren't enough, we have an addiction. I wish I could say to exercise and eating right and staying fit and active, but it's to Angry Birds. Have you played that game? You launch chickens at pigs and try to destroy them. The kids have fussed at me about my language while I'm playing the game. It's not bad. I'm dropping chicken bombs, not F-bombs. But when the boy kept saying "Darn pigs!" to emulate what I was saying, I had to grit my teeth and hold my tongue. If you come by the house and we're all screaming "Pig!", we're playing Angry Birds. Damn pigs!

And then I had a craving. I am very fond of saying when I have a craving, everyone benefits. This time my craving was for Chicken Spaghetti. OMG, a taste from my childhood. I have also been wanting chicken and dumplings like my mamaw  used to make. And cornbread and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers and a big pitcher of lemonade. Before the park yesterday, I boiled a whole chicken and put together some chicken spaghetti. My house smelled so good when we got home. This was the first time I made it in the crockpot. Everyone sit down because I am about to say something you probably won't believe. I didn't like it very much cooked in the crockpot. It was good, it just didn't have that punch it normally does when I cook it on the stove. I have a feeling it will be better as leftovers.

We still want chickens. When we are no longer on hold and get moved, I told hubby we need to move somewhere we can have chickens. Love fresh eggs. I try to get a couple dozen at a time from co-op. If I can't get them there, I have another source. They are so much better than the ones you buy in the store. And I know what the chickens have been eating and where they live. I get to see them every two weeks. They are not factory produced bundles of feathers.

Every time I turn around it seems like something else chicken is popping it's head up. I wonder if that's a sign?

Have a great day.


Mermie said...

I love my chickens. Right now, due to circumstances we don't understand, we are down to one chicken and the same rooster, Tony Soprano. But we love our chickens!! Love........

Big Sis said...

I miss the fresh eggs from Mermie's chickens. Sounds like there will be fewer available this year. I've finally stopped having the dream about the crazy chicken chasing me when I was little. Love you guys!!