Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back Again

Kids are in bed, hubby is in the shower. That means quiet time for me. Actually, it means I put my iPod on shuffle, turn it up really loud, and then share my life with you for just a little while. You are so lucky!!

We started school again today. Yea! We actually got alot accomplished. I was surprised to tell you the truth. We had to go back and review our history and science. I didn't even remember where we had left off. I like the bible study we are doing because we can be away for awhile and then pick it back up. I worked with the baby on her grammar. I like the fact that we have introduced some grammar terms to her. I like the fact that School House Rock is an excellent way to teach my kids. I do think that 1st grade is too early to introduce grammar. It has been a rocky road and I have to remind myself to shut my mouth and take a step back. I'm not pushing her, that's for sure. My lesson plan book is a mess. I sat down last night to plan a couple of weeks, but I didn't have to. I already had three weeks done. I did it right before we got the news of the move. It's been so long, I had forgotten. I just needed to rearrange because of certain activities, or the lack thereof.

The lack thereof is killing us. As much as we complained about schooling in the van more than we schooled at home, we sure miss our extras. We are dancers. Not dancing these last couple of months has been horrible for us. It's something we've done for eight years. One of the things we cried about was missing recital. We had planned to go to see the show even though none of us are in it this year. But we had no choice but to stop. Money was not allowing any wiggle room. We miss co-op and that's only been a couple of weeks. We had stopped, thinking we were moving right away. Another family stopped as well, and our little group is no more. I am sad about that. But I don't want to get in the middle of something (again) and have to leave (again). We are looking into a couple of options so we won't be bored for long.

My kids have a pen pal. It's Mermie. Loving it. The boy got his letter today. He also got a picture of Mermie's dog. He read us the whole letter, just pleased as punch. Mermie came up with the idea to get to know her grandkids better. The baby girl is anxiously waiting for her letter. If I can pull the iPod away from her long enough, the big girl has a letter to write.

After looking at all the resources that I have for school, I am very confident in the fact that I am not buying any curriculum this year. I have enough unit studies and lap books that we can study every state in the nation, several foreign countries, and the continent and country of Australia. I have enough science that we can learn about birds, bats, human body, polar bears and various other animals, as well as weather, geology, some physics, forensics, and who knows what else. I have more reading comprehension and book studies than I know what to do with. We can study famous artists, presidents and first ladies, firemen, and pilots. I even have a lap book on the history of hot dogs. What good is all of this doing if we aren't using it? I am so very excited! My friend CP hooked me up with a website for virtual dissections and I got a book of dissections at a library book sale on Saturday for 20 cents. I have more experiment books than I know what to do with. I could go on and on, but then I might to really start sounding like a junkie.

And, finally, tonight was clean out the fridge from all the Super Bowl food night. We had homemade pizzas on the left over hoagie rolls using some of the veggies we'd had and the sausage we cooked. We also used the bacon I cooked to make brussel sprouts last night. That was good, too. We ate the left over, sliced, organic apples and dipped them in homemade, mostly organic guacamole and... Velveeta cheese dip. I figured that cancelled them both and made it all neutral. Our bellies are full, my sink is full, but my fridge is ready for veggie co-op this week. Love veggie co-op.

That's all I got. I think I've checked it all off my list. Even if it's not, it's enough for now.

Have a great day.

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