Tuesday, September 22, 2009


life right now. There are so many things that are changing and rearranging that I just almost can't catch my breath sometimes.

I am loving our co-op. Today was our turn. We are doing an inventors lap book. Today we talked about what an invention is, Johannes Guttenberg, and Ben Franklin. Franklin was quite the inventor and never made a cent for his stuff. We talked about some things the kids had never heard of before, like phones that you actually had to dial. They couldn't believe that. We talked about what if someone had never invented Nintendo Gameboys or DS's, cell phones, even air conditioning. I think the best thing was that I got to introduce the moms and most of the kids to lap books. We love them. We have done several and I have blogged poetic about them. It is easier than it looks and is really not that involved. With ten kids, it got a little hectic, but it went really well. My favorite part of any of our co-ops is when the kids go play and we get to talk. Duh. This year, we are learning about states, kings and queens of England, countries, animals, and inventors. I think if we continue this next year, I may do explorers and discoverers. I have a great unit study that I downloaded for free. I love my freebies.

Our dance schedule has been rearranged. Now, three of us are going to dance on Wednesdays. With JAM ending, that opened up a class for the boy that is a couple of hours after mine, then the baby's is a couple of hours after his. I figure I'll pack like a park day with lunch and snacks. After my class we can eat at the park or in the van if it's cold, or somewhere. Maybe we can even have lunch with hubby. That is always a special treat for us. After the boy's class, any school work that needs to be finished can be done while we wait for the baby's class. We can do that at the park or library or somewhere. Flexibility is the key. Isn't that what we all need in our lives? I think it will work out fantastically, and it's only two days to town for dance. Added bonus there, thank you.

The crock pot is the best thing we ever did. The first meal I made was Italian sausage and turkey meatballs. They were fantastic. I served them over penne and yummy! Tonight was a creamy chicken and broccoli. Hubby and the big girl didn't like it so much. They said the broccoli was a little overpowering. The boy didn't like the chicken, but he liked the sauce over the egg noddles I served with it. I probably won't do that one again. Not to worry, though. A friend sent me a website with 1400 crock pot recipes. Thank you, B. I think I can find one that we all like. I have a white chicken chili that my friend C gave me that I am dying to try. My friend D dropped a cookbook off to me today from Pampered Chef that has some great recipes that I can probably crock pot.

Hubby and I are thinking about an associate membership with an umbrella school that is run by some friends and fellow homeschoolers. In the spring they are going to offer some classes. We're not sure what classes, but they have an open house this Sunday that I am interested in attending. I like having yet another option for classes for my kids. The more they can learn, the more varied the topics, the better as far as I'm concerned. Now that we only have one full day and one evening in town, that frees up three mornings and two early afternoons that we could attend classes. The associate membership would also allow us to attend field trips that the school puts together.

We were supposed to attend a field trip Friday morning, but a series of unfortunate events (sounds like it would make a good book, huh?) kept us from going. Well, out of the building actually. We did make it to the parking lot, but the empty water jug and extremely wet storage area in the back of the van kind of kept us out in the parking lot. It was just one more thing added to a frustrating morning and I almost had a break down. I pulled it together long enough to get us to the park and the mamas did the rest, pulling me out of my funk. I have great friends. If that isn't enough to be grateful and thankful for I don't know what is.

Our next field trip is to a car dealership. We are going to see their service department and talk about cars. We also get to see where they shoot their commercials. Hubby may go with us. I told him if we come home with a new minivan, then it would be more than worth it, for me at least. After the dealership, we are supposed to meet at a park over by the zoo and have a picnic. One of our homeschool moms was having her car serviced at the dealership and happened to mention to her son it would make a great field trip. She was overheard by an employee who informed her that the owner was very into community service and education. You never know when opportunity will arise to educate others and ourselves.

There is so much more that I am loving right now, but that is enough for now. My prayer for you tonight is one of love and grace. May God bless you and yours and guide you through your days with a gentle hand.

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

So why did you not post that website with the crockpot recipes? We're(I'm) usually gone three nights a week and I'm sure the fam would love some diff stuff to eat.

We took our girl scout troop to BIL's car wash when he owned it. They thought it was cool to get to walk through it and then he let everybody run their cars through it. I love stuff like that.

And I love you guys, too!!