Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It seems that there are always doors opening somewhere. Sometimes, too many. But what's that saying? When one door closes, another door opens. I'm just scared that some of those doors will never open again.

I have a meeting today. The meeting is to determine if I want to take on the challenge of moderating our homeschool group and the chat board. It is a big responsibility and I'm not sure I want to take it on. There are two others that I know of that will be at the meeting. If we work together, piece the responsibilities out, it probably wouldn't be too bad. But, that's why we're having the meeting. I'll let you know what happens.

I had a meeting yesterday with our associate pastor. She has asked me to help with confirmation classes. I am a little nervous about that, but I am really excited as well. The big girl is going through the class and I am looking forward to sharing the opportunity with her. With our church, confirmation is about learning where Christ fits into your life (all aspects) and how the United Methodist church does things. We celebrate some things that other churches do not. It will help them decide if they want to continue their journey with Christ and/or become members of the church. How did my daughter get old enough for this class?

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the JAM crew and our lead pastor. This is to decide what to do with the program and how the program should be run this year. I will not lead the program. I don't mind being the one to greet them and take roll, and even be the bad guy if I need to. But I will not be the one to administrate the program. It is very time consuming and I already have a full time job plus. If I take on the added responsibility of the homeschool group, I really will not have time for it.

The big girl won a prize bag from the library. She got a tshirt, Uno cards, ear buds, a book, two pencils, a cube puzzle and noisy putty. What a great bag. She loves the ear buds. They fit her iPod and are the ones that fit inside your ears. I told her not to get used to them. She has gotten to the point that she can not hear us when we talk to her in the van because of her iPod. That will not happen anymore.

I got to help with youth last night. When I dropped off the big girl, there weren't any adults there yet. So I hung around until the youth leader got there. She was the only adult. Two regular volunteers were out of town and the one who was supposed to come had a meeting. So I got to hang out. I had a really good time. I am shocked at the behavior of some of the churched youth, but then again they go to public school. Hubby and I had already decided that one of us would volunteer at least once a month. Yeah, that will be happening. The big girl asked if it was to keep an eye on her. I said no, to keep an eye on everybody else. She asked if I could do it and not hubby. She's scared hubby would make all the boys scared to be her friend. He would, but that's his job as a good Papa.

And in two weeks, it's date night at our church. It has been organized without me (knew it could be done) and the youth will be the volunteers. The big girl gets to help, the other two get to stay, and hubby and I get and evening out all to ourselves. It's only three hours, but it's still three hours. Hubby asked what I wanted to do, but you'll have to read my other blog for the answer to that. This is a family friendly blog.

School starts soon for us. We have been doing dome Spanish the last few days to get us ready for our new curriculum. The kids have enjoyed it and so have I. Even hubby is enjoying it. I am glad they are being exposed to a foreign language. I'm hoping to get to the point that we can have a couple of days a week that we can speak Spanish only. Wouldn't that be fun? But we'll see what happens. We went to a local drug store yesterday that had some pens and mechanical pencils for 19 cents a pack. Now I have to work on the rest of my list. New dry erase board is on it. We used ours to block off the girls' rooms from the dog and he tried to jump over it. Now we have claw marks in ours. Not easy to write on or read in some places. And I would really like an easel for the dry erase board. The list is getting longer as the year gets closer. Any donations would be much appreciated. That's just my plug.

Sign ups for dance are coming up. The two big kids want to take two classes this year, but that isn't going to happen financially. After the first full price class, the classes are only $20 each a month, but add six classes and you're talking $148 a month. Eeekk! As much as I would love it, it is not happening until more things get paid off. That is happening, but slowly. And not fast enough to afford six classes a month. Then there is a costume for each recital dance at $65 a pop. Man, I need to win the lottery.

That's our news for the last couple of weeks. Not much, but that's nice for now, too. It has slowed down a little, and I am grateful for that. It's quiet for a couple more weeks, then we start all over again. We love it and wouldn't change a thing. Except more beach time.

Have a great day!

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