Sunday, July 26, 2009


I had to take this time to brag about my kids. This blog is supposed to keep you all updated about them, but somehow I end up taking over. I do try to include them, sometimes. Lately a few really nice things have happened with my kids.

Last Friday, we dropped the baby off at Oma's house. It was her turn to spend the night and she was ready. By the time hubby got home from work, showered, and we got over there, it was too late to even think about making dinner. Not that I had been thinking about it, but if you needed an excuse, there it was. We ended up going to a fabulous Italian restaurant by hubby's parents. It is usually slammed on a Friday night, but we walked right in and got seated.

When we were about halfway done with our meal, our waitress came over to refill our drinks. She complimented the two big kids and said they had wonderful restaurant manners. She said it had been a joy to serve us. She said it reflected well on the way their parents were raising them. She got a really nice tip. The kids do have great manners when we go out. We were very proud of them, and they had very big smiles on their faces. They even said thank you for the compliment.

That following Sunday at church, the big girl was sitting with the youth at our ten o'clock service. We were sitting at the table in front of the youth. The youth Sunday school teachers were sitting with the youth. The youth were feeling a little rowdy that Sunday I think because they were being a little rambuncious, shall we say. One of the Sunday school teachers leaned forward and said the big girl was so much more mature than all of his middle schoolers and most of his high schoolers. There sat my big girl, doing what she does at home- letting everyone else get themselves into trouble while she sat polishing her halo. I see it at home quite often, but it always amazes me.

At the grocery store yesterday, they had set up a little cooking station and were handing out free samples of pepperoni pizza. The boy stepped up and asked "May I have a sample, please?" with his best smile. Then he said thank you when she handed it to him. Then he complimented her on how good it was. The baby followed right behind, then the big girl. Then me, because it was really good. She said it was so very nice to hear "please" and "thank you". She said they were the most well behaved children she had seen in a long time.

I am blessed to be their mama. They do not always act that way. You should have heard them screaming at each other earlier. But they are great kids. I just wanted to share how great with everyone else.

Have a great night!