Saturday, July 4, 2009

Crazy Days

What a crazy couple of days it's been. We are usually pretty busy, and this was no exception.

Today we worked the float for church. I rode with the kids. The big girl was going to pass out water, but she got a little over heated, so she threw candy with her brother and sister. I packed bags with water bottles and handed them off to our runners. Hubby was a runner. Every year the church hands out bottles of water to the over heated crowd. More importantly, the over heated judges. We are not above a little extra influence. We waved and handed out candy and had a really good time. We are so tired, we cannot see straight.

After the parade, we had to go to the laundramat and do some laundry. Our washer isn't working, and hasn't since last week. I so despise the laundramat. We only washed, and brought it all home to dry, so we were only there about 35 minutes. While we were there, we read "James and the Giant Peach". It saved me from having to do it after dinner, and the kids were entertained and not running around crazy. Not that it would have mattered since we were the only people there. That was fine with me, too.

After the lanudry was done, we had to go to the grocery store. We like to cook for our Hymn @ 10 service in the morning that we go to, and needed food to do that with. We ended up getting a rotisserie chicken and made rice and broccoli when we got home. Hubby also sliced a pineapple and I cut a mango. Nobody else cares for the mangoes, so they were all mine. It was 9 o'clock before we ate. It was 10:30 by the time the kids got a much needed shower and off to bed. I am not far behind them.

Last night we were at church building the float. It turned out to be bigger than I had planned on and some people brought out the power tools. I left. I went to our youth house on campus and helped look after the kids that were over there. Three of them were mine, so really. We also did hot dogs for every one that helped. We had the dogs, homemade mac and cheese, chips, and root beer floats and brownies for dessert. After we all ate and the float was put together, we watched an awesome movie.

The movie was Fighting the Giants and it was so very good. It was made by the same people that did Fireproof. It is a Christian movie that really made us stop and think about our relationship with Jesus and how much he loves us no matter what we do. It is about a football coach in Georgia who is about to lose his job. His house is falling apart, his car is horrible, and he and his wife are having trouble getting pregnant. It shows their journey through heartache and loss and finally to leaning on the Lord. It was so good, the boy quit playing games on the computer and watched the movie. If you have a chance to see it, I highly recommend it.

Friday morning we went to our friends' house for lunch and swimming in the pool. The kids stayed in the pool almost the whole time. They got out to eat lunch and that was it. The big girl and the boy had left over burritos. I make pretty good ones if I do say so myself. The baby had a ham wrap. They were so hungry from swimming, they ate all the lunch, all their chips, and a ton of fruit. They were begging for a snack later and I brought out some apples for them to all munch on. There weren't many of them left when they were done. When we left there, we went to the church to work on the aforementioned float. We let the kids play their DSs on the way home to keep them awake. Everyone slept very late this morning. Hubby didn't get out of bed until 10, and I don't blame him.

The rest of the week was actually pretty peaceful. I had dance on Monday and Wednesday, and we had lunch with hubby Wednesday afternoon, which is always nice. We didn't go to the library for our weekly movie, but none of us wanted to see it. Hubby has been working like crazy and been on call for the last two weeks. The hours have been horrible, but some credit cards got paid off and I got new camera. Our old one was not working correctly and it was way past time. I had tried a Coolpix and didn't like it or the software that came with it. I ended up taking it back and getting another Kodak. I really like it and I got it on sale and 30% off so that was sweet.

We are looking forward to a slow week. The boy is going to Oma's for a couple of days for his chance to get spoiled. The rest of us are just going to lay around the house. After we fold the laundry, clean our bed rooms, the kitchen and the bathrooms, weed around and clean up the back porch... or not.

Have a great day!

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