Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday Walk

Saturday we went for a walk. The Evangelism committee walked the neighborhood around the church and met our neighbors. We invited people to church and let them know what services we had. And then after talking to them for awhile, we offered to pray with them. Most people were very receptive to us.

We had two teams to cover the neighborhood better. The kids and hubby and I were with one gentleman, and the other team was the remaining two members of our committee. They went one way up and over a couple of blocks. We went the other and covered the other side of the block. There are some really interesting people in our neighborhood. Most of them said the same thing: Nobody had ever done that in the neighborhood.

I have to tell you about the boy. Sometimes it seems like I talk alot about him, but he is my most extroverted child. He is happy in the spotlight and loves attention. He will do almost anything he can to get attention. Saturday was no different.

After a half dozen houses or so, there was the boy up front, ringing the door bell or knocking on the door. He loves to do that anyway, so no big deal. Except when the door was answered, he went straight into the spiel, the baby handed them a flyer, then the boy asked if we could pray with them about anything. He had those people eating out of his hand. But he is the cutest thing ever and has more charm and personality than anyone I have ever known.

We didn't see any of the people we visited today. But hopefully we planted some seeds. And really that's all if takes. God will work on the rest. And it's something that we plan to do once a month. If you feel like spreading the love of Christ and the word of God, come join us. Just wear comfortable shoes.

Have a great day!

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