Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Field Trip Number 3

We went to the Gillespie Rock and Geology Museum today at Stetson University. It was a blast. We went with some of the families in our homeschool group. One of the moms organized the trip and we are very lucky. They only allow 25 kids, so we were lucky to get in.
Geology is our science this term, so it was especially important for us to go. The kids got to see some of the things that we have been talking about. They even had a cave set up to show what different geologic processes happen in caves. The kids were fascinated by that. They also had a mine scene to show how crystals are mined. They had this great display of phosphorescent rocks and crystals.
The kids got to do a classification activity. They were given 6 rocks and three classifying criteria. They had to tell from the criteria which rocks were which. The kids had to notate color, streak color, and hardness. The sulphur was not so hard. But thankfully it wasn't the stinky volcano sulphur. Then they got to dig for gems and keep five. They weren't huge or expensive, so don't get excited. But they were cool.
We all took our lunch and had a picnic outside the museum. The kids played, we talked, and the weather was beautiful. It was good to spend some time with our friends.
Have a great day!

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BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

Whihc group was this? Looks like I missed a good one.