Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy, busy

Do you ever have one of those weeks that you are so busy, but you can't really remember what you did? That's been us. It seems like we've been busy, but I'll be darned.

My nephew spent the weekend with us. He actually spent two weekends with us. The first was after the yard sale. He came home with us, and we dropped him off the next day. My niece was supposed to come since her brother got to spend the night, but she had something to do on Saturday and we were going to the beach. My nephew was mad because he wanted to go . I didn't really care which one came over. I would have let both of them come. But he came and we went to the beach and it was fun. We've rescheduled my niece for a later time.

The beach was awesome. We like to go to a beach in New Smyrna that is family friendly. You can park on one side or walk on the other. We usually do not park on the beach. With the traffic, and the kids running back and forth not paying attention, it's just not a combination we like. But the beach has a playground and decent bathrooms. They're wet all the time, but it's the beach. We took our lunch with us and discovered they have grills. We may bring hot dogs next time. Or hamburgers. Or both.

The yard sale was fantastic. I love having yard sales. The kids were supposed to sell water and sodas, but hubby, being the crazy man that he is, told them they didn't have to sit out there with us. Wrong. We didn't start selling any until they finally came out. By then, the sale was almost over. The kids got to spend some time with their cousins and they all got along beautifully. The baby fell asleep and got a great nap. I wished I had gotten a nap.

We are trying to get the baby to stop acting like a baby. She's 5 now, we keep telling her, but she doesn't want to be anything but the baby. She loves being able to read and do some other things, but she still wants to be a baby. I want her to be a baby sometimes, too.

The big girl and the boy have learned the rest of their recital dances. They are so good. I wish I had taken the opportunity to take something like that as a kid. The baby has learned almost all of hers. They go a little slower with the little kids, and the dance isn't as eleborate. But she loves it as much as the other two.

The big girl got to spend the night with her friend. She went home from the park on Friday with the other family, and we spent the rest of the day and night looking for her. I would call her name and wonder why she wasn't answering me. She had such a good time. She got to swim in the pool, which is always nice. We had seen her friend and the rest of her family at a local discount clothing store and the girls got matching bathing suits. They got to wear them together Friday. Then she went to a movie Saturday morning. She didn't want to come home Saturday.

And now it's work, work, work. We are going to start an Easter lap book in a couple of weeks. I think it's going to be fun. The kids are excited because they think it's getting out of school and having fun. They're so funny. The baby asks me everyday, "Are we doing lap books today?" I think they love the cute books they make, the cool folds, and all that. I do, too, actually.

That's the review. I told you, we've been busy, but I can't remember a thing we've done.

Have a great day!


Tiffany said...

I always feel like that--busy, busy, busy with not a lot to show for my time. I think it's the season of life. Three kids, homeschooling, etc. I can't wait to see your Easter lapbooks. We are also big into lapbooking, I think it's such a fun way to process information and a good keepsake.

Cristy said...

My kids think they aren't doing any work when we do lapbooks. I think that's my favorite part.

I know one day we won't be as busy and I'll be sad.