Saturday, July 11, 2015


So, I took a little vacation. Without the kids. Without the hubby. But with Dad and Big Sis! We met in Tennessee, where Dad lives, and drove to Myrtle Beach. I love Myrtle Beach. We drove back to Dad's and spent a few days together, then it was time for home. I missed my kids. I missed hubby. Here are some pics for your perusal...

This was part of dinner when we got to my dad's. He and my step mom took us to eat sushi. It was lovely. I didn't know Big Sis was squeamish about sushi. "Just answer the question and don't add any information." Ok. I am horrible at that...Good food, though.

This is the view from the hotel balcony. We were in south North Myrtle Beach. Yeah, I know. Makes my head hurt, too. We were the first hotel (or the last depending on which way you're coming from) and our beach wasn't terribly crowded.

See that pier? On it sits a great restaurant called Pier 14. Great food. Great service. And within a short 2-3 minute walk from the hotel. After our 6 hour drive took almost 9 hours because of construction on EVERY INTERSTATE WE WERE ON, it was nice to have something that close.

Then there's this beauty. I say beauty because it was pretty from far away. And from up close. But I have no idea, nor will I ever know, what it looks like when you're on it. I soooo do not roll that way.

Yeah, I wasn't riding this one, either. You sit in a cart at the end of the glowy sticks and the cart rotates around and around while the glowy stick goes around and around. And it's fun to watch it. I took these from the walkway right outside our room. Every now and then we could hear it or a random scream, but it wasn't bad at all. Most of the time I blocked it out. I was too traumatized from thinking about riding it. Big Sis suggested liquid courage. Um, no, that would make it way worse!

Ok, see that building in front of the ferris wheel? That is the other half of our hotel. It's across a narrow driveway from our building. Seems like you could reach out and touch it. Which I would do as long as I don't have to ride it.

Found some shopping at a place called Boardwalk at the Beach. It's not actually AT the beach, but it's close enough. Definitely drive, though. That's Dad and Big Sis. I like the cut out boards. They're fun.

You have to love a t-shirt shop that has this many Dr. Who shirts. I sent this pic to the big girl. She wanted all of them, and I don't blame her.

For all of you who were wondering where stupid comes from, there you go. We found it. It's in South Carolina. Kinda fitting, but I think I just got political...

Dad wanted to find a restaurant called Calabash. It is a seafood buffet and it's good. They have AYCE crab legs. So we ate all we could, and not just the crab legs. I sent this pic to hubby. I won't repeat his response, but suffice it to say it translates to "Wish I was there". Very loosely translated, but that's the way I took it.

The restaurant has a photographer that suckers you in to buying pics by taking a complimentary pic that gets made into a postcard. Dad is a sucker, but that's ok, too, sometimes.

And after eating all we could, we walked down the boardwalk. We walked into shops and browsed and looked at people and stood in line for ice cream. And found The City Harmonic performing. For free. Dad and Big Sis walked on while I got my worship on. The big girl and I really, really like this band. I wish she had been there.

Big props to hubby. That man is amazing. He drove me 600 miles to Dad's then drove home the next day. And came and got me a week later. And drove home. Because he so totally rocks.

I absolutely loved Myrtle Beach. If you decide to go, I know a great hotel, right on the beach and the boardwalk, with easy access to everything.

Have a great day.

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