Monday, July 4, 2011

Dusty Trails

I like the saying "You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl." I didn't really grow up in the country. I did grow up in a sleepy little town on the edge of Ft. Worth. It is not so sleepy anymore. My mom didn't even lock the doors until Big Sis and I moved out. Really, what was the point? People in and out at all times of the day and night. We never knew who was showing up or when.

Living as close as we did to the big city, I was more of a city girl. I like fast cars, nice clothes, and my idea of exercise is running to the opposite end of the mall for a spectacular sale on shoes. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate the way a cowboy looks in his jeans. I learned to drive on interstates and interstate loops. I drove fast and furious to keep up with everyone else and not get run over. I have an appreciation for the finer things. I can't afford them, but I appreciate them.

All of that to say: I really dig the roads where Mermie lives. They are dusty and gravel and some are filled with potholes and poor asphalt. I don't like the potholey ones so much, but I find myself flying down these back country roads like I was born to it. Most people that drive minivans don't drive them like sportscars or pickups. I can't help it. Get me on the highway and look out. Get me on these back country roads and it's all over but the screaming. Ok, you can hear me screaming. I'm the one hollering "Whoo hoo!!!" So much fun, so little time.

I have found my way around the little town where Mermie lives, the bigger town next to it and the one about 20 miles up the road. It really would be down the road since it's south of here, but whatever. I'm liking it. I'm liking it alot. Pretty easy to maneuver in. Except this one section by Wally world in the town down south. A man must have designed that. How do you get lost in a parking lot? I had to take a minute and regroup. I made it, but it was touch and go there for a second. It has all been a great adventure. I love adventures!!

We only have a couple of weeks left. I don't know where the time is going, but it needs to slow down. I don't need it speeding by like me on these dusty roads. But, the reservations have been made for the return trip. I miss my hubby more than anything in the world. I am going to take advantage of every opportunity I have while I'm here. One day this week, I'm going to Big Sis's house and spend some girl time. We are going to lunch, then huddle back in her room and watch the DVR while we eat delicious cupcakes. Then maybe, a movie. City girl gone country gone city. Look out world. I'm on an adventure!!

Have a great day. 

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