Monday, March 29, 2010

The Little Engine that Could

I feel like all last week I had to keep chanting, "I think I can. I think I can". It is down to the home stretch now. Just a few more days. One foot in front of the other. We have been super busy this past week, this week is busy, too. But Easter not only means new life in Christ, it means that we can finally take a breath.

This past week has been a whirlwind of meetings and prep work and in the van on the go. We did the visit to the Children's Home last Saturday, church and youth on Sunday. Book club for the big girl and dance on Monday. Educational co-op on Tuesday and a meeting at church. Wednesday is Wednesday and all that entails. Thursday was veggie co-op until 12:30 then time at church sorting candy and plastic eggs. Friday was stuff Easter eggs and goodie bags and park day and replace the water softener day. Saturday was our Easter egg hunt. Sunday was church and youth. Next week is a little slower, but busyness is still part of every day.

The big girl is part of a book club at one of our local libraries. It's mostly girls, and she's alright with that. A friend of mine has suggested that we start one for our boys since they won't participate with the girls. The boys seem pretty excited about it. We're going to get them together when the girls have their meetings. That's an extra that is very convenient. The club only meets once a month. If it met every week, I might have to hurt someone. The girls in the club participated in a "Meet the Author" event at the library. The big girl got to meet the author of a series of books that she just started. That was very cool for her.

I've been staying a little longer at veggie co-op. The woman that runs it, Sherri, has become a very good friend of mine. I started helping out because of the discount, but I keep helping out because of the company. The women that work in the morning have become a very tight knit group. I digress, again, but you should be used to that by now. I stay to help her out with the steady stream of people that are there to pick up their orders. I like the interaction and conversations. That throws our schedule off quite a bit, but we get it back eventually. And if we take that Thursday off, we make it up Friday. Sometimes we Saturday school.

Our church's Easter egg hunt was Saturday. There is lots of prep work involved with that. Friday morning was stuff eggs and goody bag day. We got there early and got it all done within a couple of hours. There was also the decorating and rearranging. We put stickers in all the eggs, and coins in some of the eggs. The kids loved the money part. There were three prize eggs. My boy won one. He is a little sneak, that one. He was helping hide the eggs. I didn't realize until the hunt was on that he had helped with his age group. He knew where all of the eggs were. See what happens when I get busy? Our friend Mr. B read the Easter story. He told it, actually, with his puppet friend Hairy, and brought it to kid level instead of church level. I think he did a great job. And grilled hot dogs after the hunt. I love hot dogs on the grill. We had lots of volunteers and lots of kids. There is so much candy left over, I'm going to put together goody bags for kids to take home after Easter service.

The bulk of our activities for Easter are over. There are still some things that we need to take care of this week. Then of course, the family gathering for Easter. We'll see how that goes. Sometimes, I just want to be in Texas already. Still no word about the job. Hopefully soon, though. This morning, we are taking it slow. No rush. One thing at a time. I think it's the only time this week we get to take it easy. I might get another cup of coffee and hunker down in my bed for a little while longer. Or I could clean our bathrooms and fold the laundry and do the dishes. I'm thinking coffee.

Have a great day!

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