Friday, February 3, 2012

Goings On

I know it's been a little while, so it's time to get caught up. I've got my list ready and the tunes playing. I think today will be a daybook style day.

  • From the schoolroom...we are doing a study on Native American Indians. We looked at the Iroquois and next week we start the Seminoles. We are working our way west. We are sort of following the progression west as we look at different cultures. That plays in perfectly with a field trip we have planned for next month. I know I've loosened the reins on the schoolwork since this was nowhere in our plans. That feels pretty good. We stopped at a really good spot to go back and check out the people that were here before the settlers. We didn't realize until we started that the Iroquois are like the Seminole in that they are a group of tribes, not just one tribe. Pretty cool stuff. And once again, you know my request list at the library is full. Still looking for a movie to watch that has Seminoles in it but is kid friendly. Suggestions? Anyone?
  • Outside my kind of gray. I'm hoping it'll clear up. I don't do gray days well. The weather has been spectacular and that's why we live where we do. It's been high 70s or low 80s. I will do that every day. There should be some sun as the day goes on.
  • From the kitchen...there has not been much going on. Our oven is on the fritz. That means I can only cook stovetop. That will be remedied shortly. When we get our taxes back, I get a new one. I'm getting a convection oven. So excited about that!! Hubby and I took a date morning and went to look at appliances. I am not a bells and whistle kind of gal. That's just more that will eventually break down. I did tell hubby we were going to drop serious coin on an oven, though. He is ok because he knows great food will come from it. We also picked up some grass fed ground beef we had ordered back in November. It was ok. I've had better. So the search goes on for affordable, tasty beef. That's why we only ordered a little.
  • We are reading...The Bronze Bow is our after dinner book. We have really enjoyed it, but the chapters are rather lengthy. I read about 15-20 pages a night. Sometimes that finishes a chapter, but sometimes not. Slow and steady wins the race. We just finished The Penderwicks as a book on CD. I have been trying to get the big girl to read it, and she has all but refused. Even she liked it. I ordered the next book already and hopefully it will be here soon. So funny. I like the books on CD because I have a captive audience. They can't go anywhere. There are so many great books out there and that's just another way to get the kids interested and engaged. I can only read out loud so much and that takes a burden off of me. It's a way to expose my kids to great books that they probably wouldn't read any other way. The boy and I are a chapter and a half from finishing our book that we read when the girls are at piano. It's called Dragon's Egg and it has been right up our alley. It has adventure and suspense and great characters. The boy and I have agreed that we will take turns picking the books. He picked this one, so I get to pick the next one. I might see if there's a book the girls want to read and we can read that while the boy is in guitar lessons. There's an idea. I just got done reading The Hunger Games for book club. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be. And it was pretty good. It's not my norm, but that's a good thing, too. That's why I'm in book club. 
  • I am listening to...Britt Nicole's Set the World on Fire. Great song. I requested a Johnny Cash CD from the library for the boy. He is learning the opening lick to Folsom Prison Blues. I also requested the CD from The Wreckers. It's Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp. I really like Leave the Pieces, so they must have a couple of other songs I'll like. And I requested a Group 1Crew CD. See why my request list is always full? I highly suggest you look to your local library for movies, books, and music. You would be amazed at what they have. And the more you use the library, the longer they will keep it open, the more money they will add to the budget, and the more money stays in your budget. If I had to pay for all the books, CDs, and movies we borrow, I'd be broker than broke. 
  • From the tower...I'm hoping soon to change this to "from the garden". The square foots have been marked off and are waiting for the beds. So looking forward to that. We are checking out the planting schedule and deciding what to plant where. Tall stuff in the north side, lower stuff to the west. Cool. We did add some seedlings to the tower. I know we planted broccoli and snap peas, but other than that I can't remember. We have given up squash for now in the tower, but next go round, hopefully it'll make the cut. Or in the garden, one or the other. We've had good luck with crooked neck, but not the best. We already have sweet potatoes planted, but hubby thinks he may have done it wrong. Somedays...that man worries me. Gosh I love him, though. Our brussel sprouts are looking lovely. We have them all over. I even used some of the leaves when I made veggie stock last week. I am so excited for that harvest. Hubby brought home a gallon baggie of them from his parents' house. He stopped to visit and his dad gave them to him. My FIL doesn't like them. Hubby said we'd eat the stuffing out of them. His dad looked like he didn't believe him, but it's true. Anything I cook is amazing. Duh. 
I guess that's it for now. That is as caught up as I'm going to get. I'll blog about our airport field trip soon. Oh, to have a plane.

Have a great day.

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