Friday, February 3, 2012

The Baby, In Pics

Big Sis pointed out that in my last picture post, there were none of the baby. There were lots of my babies, but none of THE baby. Well, ok, let me fix that...

Sometimes if the big girl does something, the baby will follow. This time it was bangs. The baby had to get bangs, too. She ahd bangs for thelongest time, but decide to let them grow out. She liked when they got chin length and were still shorter than the rest of her hair. The fell perfectly around her beautiful face. This child rarely has a bad hair day. Of course, 2 minutes after we get in the van, it looks like she was raised with possums living in her hair, but a quick run through with a brush and she has perfect hair. NOT fair!!

This is one of my favorite pics of her. She is starting to develop this crazy sense of humor. I am so proud. This was at Halloween. She was a lady bug. The big girl helped her make the dots on her shirt. The boy was some kind of robot thing. If you look close, she's recoiling in terror. She is so funny!

Yeah, that's pretty much where she stays. At the top of the heap. Isaid it once, and I'll say it again. NOT fair!

The kids were playing dress up one day. This was the big girl's first dance recital costume. She was a little lamb. We've lost all the other pieces to teh costume, but this lives on. Look how tan she is! Drives the big girl nuts. Well, the big girl doesn't have possum hair, so she should be thankful for that.

For two weeks at swim lessons, did I get one pic? Yup, but just this one. This was two summers ago. She is about to dive off into the 12 foot section of the pool. She was so proud of herself and so were we. Should have heard us hooting and hollering. That's how we roll.

So there you go. Pics of the baby. Whoo hoo!!

Have a great day.

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Amy Lou said...

Yeah for being the baby of the family! She's a beauty. Like Big Sis. Like Mom.