Thursday, May 5, 2011

Misc. Pics

 Hubby turned 43 on Tuesday. I may be a little partial, but that man looks good for 43. This was his ice cream cake. We surprised him with it. He thought he was going to have to wait. He left early that morning to work on the phones at church, and the boy and I got it put together and in the freezer before he got back. We're sneaky sometimes.

 This is one of the puzzles that I bought at my friend Hillside Hollow's yard sale. I was going to post it when hubby and I finished the big one, but we put the big one away when we got the notice about the job in Texas. Well, that was silly. This was a really fun puzzle to put together. Hubby and I spent a couple of days working it and really enjoyed the time together. Cool pieces with weird shapes, minus one.
 Caution warming up for their performance at the FCA huddle. That's my big girl doing a mic check. Check 1, check 1, check 2, check 2, check, check, check. Mic checks are so boring. The performance was not boring. Love me some Caution. All the way to the right, with the bass, is BL. He is funny. Should have seen his rock star jump. Epic. I have it on video.

 Blogger freakin' out on me a little. I'm not sure why this photo is so far to the left, but whatever. These are just some of the afternoon rain clouds that build up here. This is one of a series of three. The first two show the real build up, but I really like this one for some reason. Hubby should have pulled the camera back a little to get the whole huge puffiness. They are so beautiful.
 This is proof that hubby had the high score at one time on a song on Just Dance 2. We weren't allowed to play this song until he took the picture. Took him days. Drove the kids crazy. Love that man.
 My beautiful big girl at Night of Joy. Love that look on her face. I can almost hear her, "Mama..." She draws it all out, like she's chastising me. Well, someone has to be the responsible one. Why does it have to be me?
This is our other puzzle from the yard sale. Had a great time with this one. It took a little longer because different sections look so similar. Loved it.

Just a quick one tonight. I gotta go take care of a illin' hubby. I gave it to him, so I guess I better help him get through it. Lucky me.

Have a great day.

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