Friday, July 2, 2010


That's what we've been. I like boring. Boring means nothing exciting going on. I am all good with that. We are doing some things in the near future.

The big girl is going to church camp in a couple of weeks. She is excited. Me, I'm anxious. I know she'll be fine. I know she'll have a great time. But that's my big girl and I will worry until she gets home. That's my job as a mama. I am following a friend out to the camp. I asked if she would hold my hand while I cried, and she said yes. Thanks, N, I need that. It's almost like when I sent her to kindergarten. I cried all day. The big girl started asking to go to camp last year. We told her when she could swim, she could go. By golly, she taught herself how to swim so how could we say no? We are very excited that she's got this opportunity.

The baby is about to start swimming lessons. She has taught herself how to doggie paddle and how to swim underwater a little. She has even become quite a floater. Before she would just kind of wander around or float on a noodle. I think that because she sees her brother and sister swimming and most of her friends swimming as well she has worked herself up to it. She was content before to just watch. I'm glad she's done so well by herself, but it's time for her to get some formal training. The boy and the big girl were older when they started swimming and had a better idea of the process. The baby was not happy about it at first, but seems to be excited about it now. Finally.

The boy had two play dates in two days. The big girl was getting a little jealous, but if you think about it, she's about to have a week long play date. Anyway, the boy loved it. He even got to show one friend some things about Super Mario on the Wii. He's funny, though. He doesn't think his mama's skills are as good as his. That's because he just doesn't know. He got to spend time with a friend that is out of town quite a bit. That was fun for him.

Hubby has been working. And working. And working. This is his busy season. We are OK with the hours because it pays the bills. We even managed to pay off another credit card. We absolutely love that part. Other than that, he's good. He does have a mess out in the backyard to clean up, and boy do we need to mow. He's also going to build us a compost bin. Now to find the time to take care of that.

I am thinking I want to start school sometime in August. I'm thinking the beginning, but we'll see. I've been cleaning off the bookshelf of all the curriculum that we aren't going to use or I don't need anymore. I loaned out some today, mostly science stuff. I just need a clean shelf somewhere. I need to be organized with some part of my life. If it happens to be the book shelf, more power to it. I think I just need to get my hands all over our new curriculum. Any excuse to handle it is a good one.

I told you we were boring. There just isn't a lot happening this summer. We haven't even done any VBS this year. We skipped helping with the float for the 4th of July parade for the first time in three years. We are just taking it as easy as we can. And being boring is as easy as it gets.

Have a great day.


Big Sis said...

I know what you mean. Now that DD's nose is broken, our schedule has opened up a bit. I like it. Love you all!!

Mermie said...

are you practicing for when you retire? I haven't even left the house to go anywhere in over a week. Not even to the grocery store. It is about time to go to the library, but that and the grocery store are about as far as I get except for exceptions, like Bo's nose. Had to be there for my oldest. Love..............