Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You Should Be Dancin'

This is the boy in his ballet costume. He loved ballet. I didn't think he would because it doesn't allow him to be as free form as he likes. He ate it up. It helped that he really liked his ballet teacher, Miss Sally. He did an incredible job during the recital. His favorite part was the lifts. He got to lift three of the girls in his class during their routine. The audience loved it. I cried. I am so proud of his performance.
Are you looking at that beautiful baby girl? Great googily moogily. Her class this year was a half and half class. It was a half hour of tap and a half hour of ballet. Her routine this year was a ballet routine. She led the back row out and was spot on. She loves dancing. She wants to take ballet, but we'll have to see what she's old enough to take next year. She may have to do one more year of half and half. Her instructor is Mrs. Valerie. That's also my tap teacher. She is so good with the littles. The patience of Job that woman has. The baby loves dancing and she did an excellent job on stage as well. More kleenex, please.

This is the big girl in her hip hop costume. She loves it because it is easy to move in. Of course, her favorite part is the pink hair. It really made the outfit. It looked really good on her, too. I keep telling her I'm going to wear it next time we go to the grocery store. She just gives me that look. She is an amazing dancer. For those of you that know my sweet, shy big girl, you should have seen her funky self. During dress rehearsal, her hair piece came off and she just kept right on dancing. In the video you can see her kick it at one point, but other than that she ignored it until after the dance was over. I should have just brought a hanky. Mrs. Tiffany, her teacher, had a baby a few weeks before recital but still managed to get back and dance. With dedication like that, I know my kids are in good hands.
We take a break until September, when we start all over again. The big girl and I may take jazz this year. We're not sure, but we're mulling it over. The boy may take hip hop. The baby just wants to dance. I am so proud of my babies. They did such a great job. Again. I'm trying to get pics from the video, which my camera is supposed to do. We'll see how that goes. I'll post the videos when I get to a high speed connection.

Have a great day!


Big Sis said...

OMG!!! I miss those sweet, wonderful little babies!!!

Mermie said...

look how beautiful my babies are!! Sure wish I could give them a big hug and kiss, or maybe two hugs and kisses, or as many as they would stand still for. Love.........