Saturday, May 15, 2010

The End- For Now

Last Friday was our last day of school for this year. It has been interesting for sure. This past year has brought change for good and bad. And again, it wasn't just the kids that were learning. I always try to be done before recital because that is such an investment in time. Well, we are, even with recital being two weeks early.

We took several field trips this year. I'm trying to plan another to a chocolate factory not too far from here. I'm just waiting to get the info from a friend.
  1. One of our favorites that we have done two years in a row is the Indian Pow-Wow. The pageantry and the love for customs and traditions always impresses me. I wish we could go in the evening when all of the dancers and participants have arrived, but we haven't been able to. One day.
  2. The alpaca farm was cool. We have decided that we want alpacas. Not sure where we would put them, but we want them. Of course, we also want chickens and goats, but somebody has to take care of them. I really don't want it to be me. Yes, I know, the kids could do it. They would, but with me reminding them to feed the animals, water them, clean up after them. Been there, done that. On a side note, did you know that the Florida alpaca farmers association, whatever it's called, has donated several thousand pounds of alpaca wool to the oil spill clean up efforts? The wool is water resistant, but will soak up large amounts of oil. They are thinking about dropping it into the Gulf and along the coastline. Go alpacas! As long as they aren't dropping the alpacas and just the fur.
  3. We also went to a local radio station. I realized as I was getting ready to write this that I hadn't posted about that trip. I posted the pics, but not about the trip. I'll get to it, I'll get to it. I still have all my notes. I found those, too. It was really neat to see the set up. It wasn't nearly as big as I thought it would be. I have been to several radio stations, and they were always in huge buildings with lots of office space. Not this one. I liked that.
  4. We missed one field trip to a local compounding pharmacy. I made it to the parking lot, but I was a mess that day. So was the back of the van when our water cooler fell over and spilled almost the entire contents, flooding the back of my van. I heard it was great.
  5. We went to learn about Seminole Indians and toured a pioneer village. That was very interesting. The food the Indians ate was not what I would want to eat every day, but they didn't have drive thrus, so really. I like looking back in time. Things were so much simpler. What a greta thing that is. I liek simple.
  6. St. Augustine was too much fun. I know it was a family get away, but we also learned about Florida history. We take every opportunity we can to learn. And if the learning is fun, all the better. We will definitely do that one again.

We found curriculum that works for most of us. LifePacs have been great for the boy. He loves them. The kids have really enjoyed Story of the World for history. It's me that needs a break. We are going to do a Constitution study with some American history thrown in. I have a feeling the baby and the big girl are going to blow through their math for next year, but we'll see. Next year is next year. This year they all did an amazing amount of work for as much time as we spent in the van. Changing that for next year. I am tired of car schooling. The kids are tired of car schooling. We need more family time schooling.

Co-op was fun this year. I love getting together with those wonderful women. It's interesting to see the different teaching styles. I did get to introduce them all to my love of lap books. The inventors one came out so good. It was huge! But we got through it and now I have others doing lap books for their school and our co-op. We are down to three members now. We need to have a discussion about where we want the co-op to go and if we want to invite new members. I just hope we continue. My kids learn so much more than they would just learning at home. We all do, including the moms.

The last two things on our agenda are recital and evaluation. The eval is going to wait until after recital. I am good with that. We dance with our evaluator and there is just too much going on right now to worry about it. I am so good with that. I do not need one more thing. One thing at a time, one step at a time, one breath at a time. Some time off during the summer is exactly what we need.

Have a great day!

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