Thursday, April 15, 2010

Guy Dolls

In our Tuesday co-op, one of our moms is presenting kings and queens of England. In our last discussion, she talked about Guy Fawkes and his unsuccessful attempt to blow up Parliament and the king. They still celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in England by making dolls of poor Guy and bonfires and fireworks shows. Some people burn their dolls.
This is our craft from that lesson. My friend D got to use up all her mismatched socks. We took the larger socks and stuffed the toes with small socks. Use a rubber band to tie off the head. Make faces with whatever you have. We used googily eyes and buttons and felt and little pompoms.
The one on the left belongs to the big girl, then the boy's, and the baby's on the right. It was fun and easy and it doesn't get better than that. I find it funny that the boy's doll doesn't have a mouth. As big as his is, you would think his doll would be all mouth. Just sayin'.
Have a great day!

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