Friday, October 24, 2014

Somebody Has to Do the Dirty Work

We were on our way to co-op one morning when I apparently ran over something in the road. The van started making a weird noise and I thought for sure my tire was flat. I pulled over, twice, to check the tires and everything was fine. I was going to meet hubby at the church and he was going to take a look at the tires for me. Well, I didn't get that far. Heading down the road, we hear a very loud "THUNK" and I immediately heard the thwap, thwap, thwap that is international code for pull over because you have a flat. I get to a gas station that was, thankfully, 10 seconds from where we were. I called hubby and told him we weren't making it to the church. He came to change the tire and put the spare on. And since the big girl is learning to drive, she also learned some maintenance at the same time. I took pics. Want to see them? Of course you do!

Hubby had the van all jacked up and was taking the lug nuts off the tire when he had the brilliant idea of making the big girl do some work. Always learning is our motto.

While the big girl was removing the rest of the lugs, hubby got his spare out, hoping it would fit, so I wouldn't have to ride on a doughnut. I would have eaten a dozen doughnuts right about then. She's gorgeous changing a tire, too. Big sigh...

Needless to say, his spare didn't fit. So it's on to plan B. Thank goodness for a backup.

He was showing the big girl how to get the spare out from under the van. In the 5 years we have owned the van, I had no idea. I didn't even know that was there. Yeah, it's in the details. I read the Cliff's Notes. Dang Cliff's Notes...

I thought this was just too cool so I had to get a pic. I am a weirdo, but that's not what we're talking about.

The spare was flat. But, I have a compressor in the back of my van. Originally, the big girl was filling the tire with air until hubby realized there was a leak in the spare. We'd never used it and I don't think in it's 10 year existence, it's ever been used. Well, crud. On with the lesson in spite of a small set back.

We still had to get the spare on and the van to the house, so the big girl soldiered on. While she was doing this, hubby got everything else cleaned up and put away. He pumped it as full of air as he could, tossed me the keys to his truck, and took off for the house. He is crazy, but I love him for it!

And, of course, I have the most adorable photo bombers ever. Just look for Disney vacation pics online and you'll probably find my boy in thousands of them. This time it was the baby. They get the crazy from their father.

Letting the van down and removing the jack. The big girl had a good time, truth be told. She said it was kind of fun. I just hope her Papa is there for her if she ever has to do this again.

Hubby ended up going to get a new tire. Thankfully he was able to take a 1/2 day from work and get the new tire put on my van. He is a good egg. He was very patient with the big girl and they have a great story to tell. And if you ever need a tire changed, you can call the big girl. As long as she doesn't have to get dirty, she's your chicky.

Have a great day.

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Big Sis said...

Um, the crazy didn't come from Daddy. Just sayin'. The Big Girl looks a little like her aunty from the side and bent over. Oh, and kiss that little photo bomber for me!!