Friday, October 24, 2014

Good Company

It's the time of year again when we gear up for performance season. That means company try-outs. I took pictures this year. I even got a really cool one of all the dancers. First, here's some familiar faces.

Ballet is always first. The ballet mistress, Miss S, puts all the dancers through a small barre to warm them up and get them ready. The kids were all excited for try outs this year. My big girl got a 10 in ballet! The boy got a 9+ in jazz! When the baby came out of auditions I asked her how she felt. "I rocked that audition." You have to love the confidence. I am happy to say that they all made it this year. Rehearsals for the Christmas performances have started already. I love the groupings and pairings this year and all the kids are excited to show off their hard work.

I adore this pic. This is most of the kids that tried out. They all sat together and warmed up and at one time sat in straddles, feet together, making a circle around the room. Then came time for splits and someone had this brilliant idea. I had to get a pic.

Everyone that tried out had the scores to make Company. It is going to be a fantastic season. If you happen to be in our area, you should come see these great kids perform. You will not be disappointed!

Have a great day.

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