Saturday, March 29, 2014


You know what being homesick is, but do you know what being Disneysick is? Yup, we miss Disney. The withdrawals are horrible. Our passes expired and since the bankruptcy trustee took every single, stinking dime of our tax refund, that means no new passes. Ugh! So, because I am jonesing for a fix, you get pics! Lucky ducks!!

My kids are super gorgeous. There is no doubt about that.

Hubby being stoic. He was trying to be different since all the kids smiled. Crazy man.

Since my pic was last, I went for Mona Lisa. I was trying for a stoic/smiling combo. Did it work?

We didn't spend a ton of time at Hollywood Studios, but when we did, we always tried to catch this band of merry fellows. They are so funny. If you get the chance, stop and watch the "street shows". There are some super talented people that work for Disney.

Best band ever at Epcot. We caught their show as often as possible, too. Cool classic rock mixed with some '80's British stuff. They do a great Duran Duran and Queen and, and, and...

Sometimes, you're walking through Magic Kingdom and the Hokey Pokey breaks out. You just have to shake it all around, because, really, that's what it's all about!

By far, our favorite dancer at Disney. It helps that he is a fantastic dancer and super, super cute!

Most people post pics of the castle, but I got one with the crane they used to take down Christmas lights. I have to say that is not the job for me!

I love this one. Usually, it's the boy throwing up bunny signs behind people. This time, hubby got the boy! Go hubby, go hubby...

Pocahontas. In person, this woman is stunning!!

Mike, with 1 "I", or is it "eye"? Hmmmmm...

Osbourne Family Christmas Lights. They were so cool! They need a better route to get to them, but it was worth the wait!

Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. Never. Never!!

The big girl loves her mother and puts up with so much junk from her. I am sooooo glad!!! I love her, too!!!

You won't like them when they're angry!!!

One of my favorite things to do was autographs. Can you tell? And sometimes, you just have to drag your friends into it.

Art class at Downtown Disney. This is the big girl's Mickey.

I have a hard time with some of the bigger rides because of my back, but I can ride Splash Mountain. Here's the proof. If you look between hubby and I, you can barely see the baby's head. She was ducking for the big drop. She gets her crazy from her father.
And occasionally, when you drag your friends into autographs, you get into a special line to see Jack Skellington and Sally. Oh, yeah!!
If anyone would like to donate to our "Get the family Disney passes because they love Disney" fund, please feel free. Let's help cure this Disneysickness. You think I'm kidding don't you?
Have a great day.

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