Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dancing the Days Away

Summer dance, we love you so...

Since we have been dancing, which is 11 years now, we have wanted to take summer dance. The issue has always been time and money. This year, however, we got a deal we couldn't turn down. So we didn't. I could kick myself for not trying summer classes earlier, deal or no, but that would be futile and a waste of my time. Except for ballet for the big girl and the boy (those classes were actually quite large), it was almost like having private dance lessons. Here's some pics for your enjoyment.

This is the big girl with her friend, D, and our tap teacher. We love Mrs. V! The big girl was worried about tap since she had never taken it before. She loved it. I'm so glad we took the time before camp to teach her some steps. I think that helped her when she got to class. You should have heard all the giggling coming from that room. Loved it!!

This is the baby's ballet class, with the ballet mistress, Miss S. That woman is amazing! The baby was the oldest, with the other 2 girls being 5 and 7. I am so proud of the baby. She did very well and found a new dance style to love. It makes my heart happy when my kids are excited about dance.

This is the scaled down version of the big girl's ballet class. This summer was the first time she has taken an hour and a 1/2 class. She would come out of class shaking she worked so hard. Then, with a huge smile, would say "I can't wait to come back tomorrow!"

Hip hop, baby!! I had signed the boy and the baby up, but the boy missed the first class because of camp. The big girl missed hip hop so much, I had her take the last class and she loved it. See the cutie patootie in the bottom right side of the pic. That's Miss C. Holy smokes, that chicky can dance! I am so glad the kids got to take a class from her. Notice that 3/4 of the class is my kids? They rocked it!

Once again, a couple of pics of the big girl's ballet class. It was hard to get a pic of everyone because of vacations and stuff, but that class was huge. Miss. S said she was going to push the girls, and women, really hard this summer and she did! I'm proud of all of them for making it through with smiles on their faces!! I would sit and watch the class thinking "There is no way I could that!" and theses talented people made everything look easy! Stinkers...

This was the last tap class for the boy and the baby. The class they took earlier in the week had just been my kids. I like the diversity of the class and the fact that all the people in this pic are our friends. What a great way to spend the day!

This is my favorite pic of the big girl's class. Aren't they beautiful?! I think so.

This is the boy's ballet class. This summer was the first time he has taken an hour and a 1/2 of ballet as well. He got quite the workout. Miss S has very high expectations of him and pushed him a lot this summer, too. He pushed himself. He rocked it.

The kids learned so much this summer! They got pushed beyond their comfort zones and did such a fantastic job. We were there Monday through Thursday, from 930 in the morning until at least 130 in the afternoon for 3 weeks. I brought lunch for everyone and we sat in the back rooms, eating and swapping stories. It was spending time with family. I have known most of these kids since they started dancing and most of the adults, too, so they are family to us. My kids were taught by amazing and talented teachers that put their heart into every class. They left every class excited about the next one. We went home every afternoon and took a nap!! It was awesome!

Have a great day.

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