Friday, September 16, 2011

Creating a Monster

While we were in Texas, we got to visit a store that I have always wanted to go into, but was way too scared to venture in. What could that store possibly be? A shoe store, perhaps? No, it's Build A Bear. So much cute stuff in there that we soooo don't need. But, Big Sis had coupons and my nieces' bears needed new clothes. So what did we do? We tagged along and got bears. I knew we shouldn't have tagged along, but we did, and once we were in that store, give it up. Here's the deal. I took pics with Big Sis's iPhone, forgetting I had my iPod with me, so I only have pics of the big girl making her bear.

 The big girl with her foot on the pedal that controls the stuffing. I wish we had a stuffing machine. Feeling heavy, let a little stuffing out. This part was kind of cool. Made me want a bear.

 There's a little routine you have to go through when you get your bear. Hug it, kiss it, rub the heart on your knee, your heart, your hair. The bear will know it's loved, needed, and will always have a great hair day. It was fun to watch all 3 of my kids go through the routine. Made me want a bear.

 LOVE the smile on her face!!! The bear got her heart and was sewed up. Third bear complete and ready for clothes. Can't have naked bears running around. Made me want a bear.

This is the boy picking out a shirt. I told the kids someone had to get the Texas tshirt or all the bears were going back. That's a good boy, right there. So much cute stuff. I should have shopped there for baby clothes. Made me want a bear.

The baby picking out a shirt for her bear. It's a hoody. I don't know why, but that baby really likes hoodies. Whatever floats your boat, baby. Made me want a bear.

The big girl dressing her bear. She went for shiny. Duh. It looks really good on her bear, too. Made me want a bear.

Big Sis helping the baby register her bear and get the birth certificate. The kids loved that part. Kinda cool. Made me want a bear.

 The big girl and the boy registering their bears. We had to carry around their box houses and birth certificates around the mall. When I was packing to come home, the kids made sure we had all of their stuff. And, of course, the girls got free bows to match the shirts before we left the store.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Piper, Sir Stuffsalot, and Victoria, the three cutest bears ever. That's why I didn't go in the store before that day. How stinking cute are they? I could have bought one of every kind given half a chance. I did tell the kids we would make time to get a Build A Bear so we can get pants. Who wants to see a furry, bear butt? It's just not proper. And the boy, because he loves his Papa Bear and was missing him something fierce, said we should get hubby one. That's a good boy right there. Makes me want a bear. I'm naming mine Lady Fluffington.

Have a great day. 

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