Monday, June 7, 2010


It is no big surprise that hubby and I are not great at finishing projects. We are great starters and we have great ideas. But we are actually near completion of a couple. I mean, really finishing something we have started. Crazy, I know. But, look, I made a list. Bullet points, please.

  1. The pool: OMG, please do not make me go into detail about the pool. Check the other blog for that rant. But, on the brighter side, the hole is finished and the liner is ordered. When it comes in, we will begin the building stage. Hopefully, all that help that was promised last year that didn't materialize (yes, I just ranted) will actually show up (yes, I ranted again) and we can get it done.
  2. The clothesline: This is something we have talked about for awhile. We had two posts that hubby wants to use that were actually posts for a volleyball net that is no longer there. These are at least 10 feet long that were buried quite deep. We had tried on two occasions to get them out to no avail. But, woot woot, hubby got them out and moved last weekend. We just need to adjust them to become a clothesline and get them reburied and strung.
  3. Erosion control: We had moved some landscape timbers that were lined up where the yard starts to slope up. We couldn't figure what they were for so we moved them. They were used to keep the sand from flowing into the yard from the top of the hill every time it rains good and proper. Where we live, that's once a day in the summer. We had them stacked in a pile in the yard, looking trashy. Most of them are lined up now, back where they came from. The ones we didn't use have rotted beyond use and will go in the burn pile. Well, when we can burn again they will. Until then, they have been stacked as neatly as possible. And, when money permits, a couple more timbers will be bought to replace the ones we couldn't use. But the majority of it is done.
  4. Disassembling of the garden: We had started the garden up on the hill. It's a great place for it. There's lots of room and doesn't interfere with the use of the rest of the yard. Except, that old adage is true. Out of sight was out of mind. If I don't see it and it doesn't ask to be fed, or watered, or fertilized, or weeded, or whatever else the garden may need to ask for, I don't do it. Well I didn't see it and it never asked, so there you go. We have all intentions of moving the garden, but we are moving the compost first. We are going to a bin that is smaller and more manageable for the kids and us. But that's another project we're going to start.

So, yea for us. Some of these have been a long time coming. Our next big inside project is painting the living room. We have the paint, we just need some brushes. And time. And the furniture moved. See why we start but don't finish? It's all the work involved.

Have a great day.

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